Workshop Video: The Many Ways Your Womb Speaks to You – with Lisa Marie Goodson

Presented at AtoZ Healing Space July 12, 2017

Your womb is speaking to you. Are you paying attention? Do you get an upset stomach after eating certain foods, or feel tired when you’re around certain people? Do you have unnerving dreams? These are just a few ways your womb is trying to communicate with you. Learn how to listen to your womb, how to heal your womb, and how to charge up your womb for clarity and abundance.

Lisa Marie Goodson, aka Nubia I, is the Founder and Director of the BLACKBERRY BEAUTY Transformative Academy, dedicated to the health and wellness of women and the men who love them. She is an internationally known wellness coach, raw and living food chef, womb yoga instructor, dancer and poet. She has helped many women and men find new life through her books, DVD’s, workshops and lectures.



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