Workshop Video: Shamanism & Healing for Everyday Life – Workshop with Drew Matthews

Presented at AtoZ Healing Space August 22, 2017

Discover your inner Shaman! In this workshop strengthen intuition and learn to trust the power of intention. Experience group healing through a shamanic journey designed for modern times. Release dark energies while letting in the light and upgrading your vibration. Learn to create a sacred space, a dynamic and transformative vortex of energy that will serve each person’s individual intentions. Gain confidence, build your toolbox, release situations that do not serve and open up to your inner magic.

Drew Matthews is a Packakuti Mesa Universal Shaman Initiate who is focused on healing himself and others thus contributing to the awakening and restoration of wholeness to the planet. He assists conscious individuals to discover their soul’s path by helping them clear negative energies, emotions, limiting beliefs and programs as they rewire themselves to new vibrations.




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