THE 5 ELEMENTS IN NATURE - WORKSHOP WITH LEA TRANOvercome Self-Doubt by Connecting with the 5 Elements in Nature – workshop with Lea Tran

Presented at AtoZ Healing Space September 9, 2017

Learn how connecting with the 5 elements of nature (earth, air, water, wood and fire) can help you move forward freely to live your purpose. The work is experiential, using metaphors and imagery, to make the gifts of nature come alive in a personal way. It is a profound experience to receive the gifts of each of the elements. This workshop will give you a taste of the gentle yet powerful healing energy within nature, and the tools to mobilize that energy to help you accomplish your dreams.

Lea Tran is a Plant Spirit Medicine Healer, Registered Horticultural Therapist, Life Satisfaction Coach, and creator of The Path Clearing Process. Since beginning her work connecting people with the re-balancing capabilities of their nature allies, she has helped hundreds of people find more meaning, peace and connection in their lives.

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