Free Full Moon Meditation – The Moon When All Things Happen –

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Photo: Alissa Christine

This post is by Jenny Mannion, Author, Intuitive Healer and Director of AtoZ Healing Space’s Circle Space.

August’s full moon is sometimes called “The Moon When All Things Happen.” It is a time to ask:

What am I inviting into my life?

We are gifting you with a free meditation to help you usher in the changes you desire. You can access it at the bottom of this page.

Life has been on high speed for a while now.

Many said 2012 was going to be “the coming of ages.” While I believe the energy was seeded then, I feel it has amped up every year since. This last year was the most intense. I see evidence of this in every person I speak with, and also in our country and the world as a whole.

If you have taken the time to go inward and clean house a bit then you are in a really good position for this full moon. The meditation I am gifting you will embed those intentions and your positive movement even deeper.

If it feels like you have been swimming upstream, if it feels like you’ve had so many changes your head is spinning and you don’t know what to do – you still have time to catch the wave of this powerful full moon. Set some intentions and get ready for this full moon and lunar eclipse, followed by the full solar eclipse later this month.

The Full Moon meditation I recorded will get your mind in the right space.

It is designed to help you heal. It will help you let go of what has not served you. It will make it easier to step into what you want to create. It is very important that you get your mind in the space of new beginnings. Think of what you wish to create instead of being limited by the past and any limiting beliefs. Settle in love and possibility rather than focus on fear and limitation.

If there are relationships that need adjusting or healthier boundaries, or lifestyle changes you have been struggling with due to self-sabotage or seeming lack of will power – this is a time of great opportunity for you. Relax and know this is the most powerful time since you have been alive to work WITH this energy to manifest the change you desire.

The most important thing is to get quiet and think about your life as it is now. What IS wonderful? Pay gratitude for the good things in your life and your own wonderful qualities. What have you worked on? Give TONS of gratitude to yourself for any effort, movement and growth!

What needs some changing?

Relationships? A job? A financial reboot? A habit, behavior or limiting belief? Perhaps you need help starting and staying with a physical or spiritual practice.

No matter what it is, know that noticing and claiming it is the first step to manifesting something new.

Please be gentle and kind with yourself in this process. Any habit or relationship or anything else you have in place in your life had served you somehow otherwise it would not be there. You were doing the best from the tools you had and what you believed.

The beautiful and most powerful thing?

You can change your life with intention and action. Getting clear and taking even one baby step in the direction you want to go in allows the Universe to step in and help you along. During this full moon any intention and action will be met with extraordinarily powerful energy. Please be mindful to watch your thoughts and emotion!

So many times we are sending out unclear messages because we are so focused on what we don’t want or what we worry MIGHT happen as we rely on our old stories for proof. Getting ultra clear on what we DO want and knowing we deserve all the goodness the Universe has to offer is important in turning intentions into manifestations.

I was guided to write and record a meditation for this super powerful full moon. Since I offer monthly free distance healing for members of A to Z Healing Space I also wanted to offer it as a gift to subscribers of this amazing site.

If you are not a subscriber, join us! We are in the midst of an amazing launch giveaway, with dozens of gifts AND Free Membership at AtoZ Healing Space at the Free Membership level.

Click here to join the giveaway. Be part of the AtoZ community. Access so many amazing gifts! When you create your membership profile you will have access to this free meditation and so many more amazing free gifts. These will help you usher in the changes you want with ease and grace.

Sending many Full Moon Blessings to you from me and all of us at AtoZ Healing Space!

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50 thoughts on “Free Full Moon Meditation – The Moon When All Things Happen –

  1. Josephine

    Thank you! What an amazing offer. I look forward to the meditation, as I am healing my kidney right now!

    • Reba Post author

      What fantastic timing for you, Josephine! It is really exciting to be able to ride the wave of these energies, rather than get tumbled by them, isn;t it? Wishing you a full and speedy recovery.

  2. Rachel

    Thank you, I loved learning about the meaning of the August full moon.

    • Reba Post author

      Thank you, Rachel. Jenny explains it in such a way that I get really excited about grabbing this opportunity to manifest the changes I wish in my life! Thanks for your comment, Rachel!

  3. Suzie Cheel

    Love the energy of this post Jenny and the wonderful question What am I inviting into my life? A great journaling question too xxx

    • Reba Post author

      Yes! Thanks, Suzie, for the journaling suggestion!

  4. Kelley Grimes

    I love that we have the power to change through intention and inspired action and that we have been given permission to show up more fully in doing so! What beautiful community ATOZ Healing Space is and I am grateful to be a part of it!

    • Reba Post author

      Namaste, Kelley! Sooo happy to have you be part of this!

  5. Susan Mary Malone

    This I know to be true: “Getting ultra clear on what we DO want and knowing we deserve all the goodness the Universe has to offer is important in turning intentions into manifestations.”
    Thank you for the meditation! Can’t wait to go do it 🙂

    • Reba Post author

      How wonderful, Susan – I’m so glad you’ll be exploring this powerful meditation!

  6. Debra Oakland

    Jenny is always awesome and inspiring! The energy this year has been power-full. We each have the opportunity to change our lives and flow with divine abundance. WooHoo, I’m in! Thank you for sharing this meditation. 🙂

    • Reba Post author

      woo hoo! Welcome, Debra! Enjoy this beautiful meditation, and welcome as a Fre Member at AtoZ Healing Space!

  7. Barb Parcells

    I have declared this summer to be “The Summer of Me.” I have dedicated it to my life, my goals, and the changes I need to make to create my authentic life. Your meditation is just what I needed. Thanks!

    • Reba Post author

      Beautiful, Barb. It is wonderful to see so many people, such as yourself, already in tune with these ideas!

  8. Jenny Mannion

    Thank you so much everyone for your kind responses! I am so glad you are enjoying the meditation! Sending much love and many blessings for a transformative and inspirational journey with this full moon! xoxo

    • rebalinker

      Jenny, you are such a beautiful spirit. I feel so blessed to know you and to have the privilege of working with you here at AtoZ!

  9. Lottie Moore

    Thanks for this Reba. I usually hold my Sweat Lodge Ceremonies on a full moon, and this year am holding a 108 Firewalk for the Autumn Equinox too.

    • rebalinker

      Lottie, I think this year we need that extra empowerment! Keep doing your wonderful work!

    • rebalinker

      Thank you, Debra, for commenting and accepting our gift!

  10. Vatsala Shukla

    I knew there was something different in the energy of July this year, Jenny, with lots of metaphorical endings and beginnings and I certainly know that there must be some debris from that month. I’m looking forward to the meditation so I can move forward in August. Thank you!

    • rebalinker

      Wonderful – Nice to know we’re not alone. I think this is exactly what we all need right now, Vatsala!

  11. Beverley Golden

    The energy has definitely been intense this last year and we are all feeling it in our own ways. I’m delighted to have contributed to the AtoZ Healing launch as well and know how well-received the launch has been! Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us all, Jenny! And Reba of course. xo

    • rebalinker

      Thank you, Beverley, on all fronts! It’s great having you be part of the launch! Many blessings to you, always!

  12. Meghan

    I’d never thought much about the fact that I focus more on what I don’t want than what I do want. Now that you point it out, it makes perfect sense that I need my energy focused on the do and not the don’t. Very inspiring message!

    • rebalinker

      I think we’ve all been somewhat conditioned to look critically at others and at ourselves and our actions. It’s a wonderful opening of awareness to start looking for the positive, rather than the negative. Thank you so much for this comment!

  13. Sue Kearney

    I’m a grateful and happy participant in this AtoZ launch as well. Yay! Thanks for the healing words; it’s been intense in these parts as well! I’m looking forward to this new season and the energy this Full Moon is bringing in.

    • rebalinker

      We are looking forward to this new season and the energy this Full Moon is bringing in, too! It is wonderful having you be part of the launch, Sue!

  14. Alene Geed

    Knowing that any intention will be met with powerful energy right now is perfect timing for me. I will take it to heart as I move through this period in my life

    • rebalinker

      It is always true, and perhaps just more so now. It is wonderful to be aware of it and use this energy consciously, isn’t it? Thanks, Alene!

  15. Candess M Campbell

    Love the information about the August full moon. The new moon is when I start projects and like the beginning and ending of projects aligning with the Universal rhythms. I have been creating and de-cluttering and this is perfect!

    • rebalinker

      I am so glad to hear that this meditation fits in so well with your own rhythms! Thank you for this comment!

  16. Kimberly

    What a wonderful offer!
    This bit really resonated for me:
    “So many times we are sending out unclear messages because we are so focused on what we don’t want or what we worry MIGHT happen as we rely on our old stories for proof. ”
    I look forward to experiencing the content!

    • rebalinker

      Yes, what we focus on expands, so this is such a great opportunity to be very conscious of what we wish to create!

  17. Anne

    Thank you for the great meditation! What a good thing to think about….what needs work on? Relationships, finances, what else?? So good to stop and really focus on these things. Thanks again.

    • rebalinker

      You are welcome, Anne. So glad it was a meaningful gift for you!


    I think you’re right about the energy of the past year really being amped up. Frankly, I haven’t really liked how it’s felt. Intuitively, it just feels like something is wrong, or is coming to a head. It’s certainly been passionate, but I’m not certain that’s going to be good for us in the long run.

    • rebalinker

      Yes, it has been amped up, hasn’t it!? I think we are all feeling so many changes in energy, and the rhythm of life. Can you even remember those long, lazy, care-free summer days of childhood? Now the summer feels like it is coming to a close before it has really begun. Buckle your seat belts!

  19. Lorii Abela

    It is interesting that you are talking about the power of full moon. I remember my geomancer friend said that the best time to move is during full moon. Indeed, I would imagine the Chinese know about this force many years ago.

    • rebalinker

      Yes, all the older cultures knew so much more about the moon, and lived according to its rhythms. We are finding our way back to that wisdom now!

  20. Rachel Lavern

    I don’t know about a full moon meditation; however, I do prefer to use brainwave entrainment technology. I’ve been using it for years and the benefits I get from it are amazing.

    • rebalinker

      Sounds intriguing, Rachel. Thanks for letting us know about it!

  21. Joyce Hansen

    The lunar eclipse on the 7th brought a day of sorrow that I did not expect. As the moon rose, I sat quietly and let my sorrow be absorbed. I surrendered to its energy and left in peace. We try to figure out everything intellectually rather than allowing the energy that guides all things be our guide as well.

    • rebalinker

      Such a beautiful share, Joyce, and so profound in its wisdom. You are so right, we try to figure out everything intellectually, and so many times we just need to allow the experience to unfold and just wash over us. Thank you so much for sharing this here!

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