Deep Thoughts Ahead!

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It’s not everyday that I feel like I am sitting on a mountaintop…

Most often I’m down deep in the trenches with the troops – so I just had to share this moment of clarity and inspiration!

I felt like I received answers to questions that have been asked through the ages…

  • Why are we here?
  • What is our essential nature?
  • What is our relationship with angels and spirits?

It all came out in a post I called (spoiler alert!): We Are Prisms of God’s Love, published in Transformation Goddess. Click here to read.

Or – if you like hearing a story read out loud, click here for a video of me reading it on Youtube. (10 minutes)

The blessed answers I am receiving are due in part to the amazing experience of receiving training as a TIME Heals practitioner.

TIME Heals© stands for Theocentric Interactive Magnetic Energy. This is a healing method that was inspired by the Archangels and a collective of spirit guides called The Healers. The practitioner, who has been attuned to TIME Heals©, is connected with Spirit Guides, Archangels and the Ascended Masters who work through him or her, using the physical body as a vessel to disperse healing energy.

It is awe-inspiring to know that we can experience a direct connection with higher beings, and also share that experience as practitioners with others. The upcoming practitioner training at AtoZ Healing Space promises to be a wonderful event – 8 weeks together, learning and deepening our practice, building our confidence and skills, and emerging with a Practitioner Certification.

We start on June 13 with the first of 8 group sessions and it’s going to be amazing! There will also be private sessions with the course leader, the founder of TIME Heals, Teri Miller, in which you will receive Attunement to the energy of the Healers, receive healings from Teri, and also practice giving healings as well. In addition, there will be enough practice sessions during the course that you will develop confidence in your skills and the ability to handle every question and situation. Click here to register for this amazing event!

Spoiler Alert #2:

A big ‘aha moment’ was about the importance of each of us lifting our voices and being an active part of the symphony, or cacophony, that is LIFE! All our voices are needed, and all our contributions are important! So lift YOUR voice and share your thoughts on the post here, or at Transformation Goddess, or on the video!

Reba Linker is a bestselling author, life coach, host of the Youtube series, Paint Yourself Into the Picture, and Founder of AtoZ Healing Space. All her work centers on the idea that healing is always imminently possible, and change can happen easily and quickly. Reba’s books include The Little Book of Manifesting Big and Imagine Self-Love. She studied with a spiritual teacher for many years, has owned and run a popular NYC dance studio, and is Certified in TIME Heals, Universal Sphere and ZPoint Process. She brings all this, plus her own healing journey from trauma to joy, to her work.

Visit the AtoZ Sanctuary to schedule a session with Reba.

To learn more about AtoZ Healing Space, please enjoy a ‘Spiritual Swag Bag’ filled with healing gifts from four of our featured healers:

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29 thoughts on “Deep Thoughts Ahead!

  1. Christy

    I love the feeling of being on top of a mountain. Good for you helping others get there.

    • rebalinker Post author

      Yes – it’s a wonderful feeling, isn’t it Christy! We all get helped by those above us, and it is wonderful to be part of the chain, reaching out our hands to help those coming up behind us as well!

  2. Kelley Grimes

    This training sounds fascinating Reba and I love that you shared your truth and that it will be incorporated in the training! I so agree in the importance of all of us lifting our voices and being actively engaged in our lives. There is no more important time to do so! Thank you for the inspiration!

    • rebalinker Post author

      The training is going to be something special! Thank you, Kelley.

  3. Natasha Botkin

    As an energy healer, I very much appreciate the sharing of Divine Light. Thanls for sharing you. Xoxo

    • rebalinker Post author

      Thank you, Natasha – it is beautiful to be part of this!

  4. Susan Mary Malone

    Without my spirit guides, I don’t know where I’d be! This sounds amazing, Reba. I am going to sign up. My life is slowly becoming more normal again. Lol

    • rebalinker Post author

      Having you be part of this is just about the best birthday present I could imagine (not that it’s my birthday, but still). I so look forward to sharing this adventure with you!!!

  5. Barb Parcells

    Sometimes the mountain top is the only place we can hear our hearts speaking to us. Inspiring post!

    • rebalinker Post author

      Ah, yes! I love the mountaintop, where the view is clear for miles and miles! Thank you, Barb!

  6. Beverley Golden

    Without my own trust in my guides, I know I might not still be here! I love this closing statement, Reba, “A big ‘aha moment’ was about the importance of each of us lifting our voices and being an active part of the symphony, or cacophony, that is LIFE! All our voices are needed, and all our contributions are important!” I see this as being so key now as our world is rapidly changing and we need everyone to stand up, show up and speak up! All our needed and are a part of the grander whole! xo

    • rebalinker Post author

      Yes – I agree, Beverley! This is key. It is hard t believe, yet it is so true – ALL our voices are needed! It’s beautiful, isn;t it!?

  7. Tamuria

    So right, Reba, all our voices are needed, and all our contributions are important. It’s a lovely view from the top of the mountain. 🙂

    • rebalinker Post author

      Ah, yes! Wish I could live here all the time!!! Thanks, Tamuria!

  8. Vatsala Shukla

    It’s the little drops of water that create the ocean and it’s wonderful to know that all the voices will create a symphony of pure healing music, Reba.

    • rebalinker Post author

      Yes, thank you for this, Vatsala. It is so hard for so many of us to believe – to really, really believe – that our voices matter, that we matter – a lot! Thinking of it this way is both humbling and liberating!

  9. Tandy Elisala

    I’ve never heard of TIME Heals before. It’s intriguing to me. I love the Archangels and healing. Powerful stuff!

    • rebalinker Post author

      Thank you, Tandy – I think you would LOVE this program – it would be something marvelous to add to your coaching toolbox!

  10. Cathy Sykora

    I wish I could call upon the peace that washes over you. I’ve had good angels all my life. Sounds like you have a good program!

    • rebalinker Post author

      Thank you, Cathy – I’d love to see you there – that peace is available to us all!

  11. Jennifer @ The Awesome Muse

    Time certainly does heal. When I think back on things that I thought would certainly leave a mark, at least spiritually anyway, I’m humbled by how I got through it and it’s no longer something that hurts me. Good for you for helping others get there.

    • rebalinker Post author

      Thanks, Jennifer. It is interesting that this modality is called TIME Heals – the name is certainly catchy, though it offers far more immediate healing than the name implies!

  12. Candess M Campbell

    This is beautiful Reba! I am so happy you are assisting in healing through this incredible training. My work with the Ascended Masters has been amazing. It was great to have you read the story!

    • rebalinker Post author

      Thank you, Candess. I love reading and being read to as well. Nothing like the magic of story time!

  13. Apolline Adiju

    I try to imagine how it would feel like sitting at the mountain top! Thanks for this inspiring story.

    • rebalinker Post author

      Lol! I’m sure you’ve been there, Apolline! You know, those fabulous days when everything seems clear. They are such gifts.

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