Our Doors Are Open – Namaste!

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The Divine in me bows to the Divine in you! Namaste!

I wish you could see my smile as I write this. It’s the kind of smile that spreads up from the heart, the kind that feels like a glow. The kind of smile that makes your cheeks feel like they have dimples (even if they don’t)!

Yes, we are opening our doors and welcoming you inside! What awaits you when you enter? It’s a magnificent space, full of miraculous healing events, and many moments of tenderness, inspiration and love. It’s where you can be part of exciting monthly workshops, organized and curated for you, with top healers from around the world. It is where you can take part in an amazing women’s circle, or be blessed through a healing circle, or visit past workshops through our video library.

Who is it for? It is for those who wish to feel connected to something bigger than themselves, a movement, a pathway to greater self-knowledge and fulfillment. It is for people who want a steady dose of inspiration in their lives; how sweet it is to know that every month there will be new ideas to ponder, and inspiration to take into your life to help keep your dreams on track and energy high.

When you join today, your membership will start May 1. Here’s what’s coming up for you in May:

  • May 4: Oracle Card reading for the month ahead with Intuitive Angel Fullerton in the AtoZ Sanctuary
  • May 9: Coming Home to Self – A Women’s Circle with ransformational Coach Joni Advent Maher (2nd Tuesday of every month, 12noon-1:30 pm EST.)
  • May 10: Full Moon Distance Healing with Energy Catalyst Jenny Mannion to boost your health and turbo charge your intentions for the month
  • May 18, 1-3pm: Catalyzing Energy to Create FAST Change Workshop with Jenny Mannion
  • All month: enjoy our online members only forum
  • All month: use our AtoZ members only video library

Click here to find out more about membership and join today – remember, your membership won’t begin until May 1, so act now to lock in our very special Charter Member discounts!

You are here at the beginning. AtoZ is still all a work in progress, with new programs and trainings being developed and added all the time. It’s like one of those magical, once-in-a-lifetime parties, in a beautiful house on top of a hill. You get to the front door and the hostess opens it with a smile. She says, “Come in! Make yourself at home. I’m just going to go shower and get dressed.”

At first you feel a bit odd to be there without the hostess, but then someone hands you something to sip and you step outside, find a cozy perch, and take in the breathtaking view. Slowly, the place works its magic on you and you realize that it just doesn’t get any better than this. You feel relaxed and lucky to be there. The evening flows from there, and you never want it to end…

Welcome! Come in! You are here at the beginning and we honor you as a founding member. We will continue to learn and grow as we go, yet the important pieces are in place and the excitement has already begun.

Click here to learn about the amazing monthly membership deal we are offering to our beloved founding members. This is holy work and a sacred journey. Join us! Join us! Join us!

If you haven’t done so already, click here to get your Goody Bag filled with gifts from AtoZ Healers and stay posted about upcoming events and opportunities.

I look forward to sharing this adventure with you!

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12 thoughts on “Our Doors Are Open – Namaste!

    • rebalinker Post author

      Thank you, dear Natasha! So excited! xo!

  1. Suzie Cheel

    Love the opening Des and I namaste one another every morning as we start our day. What a wonderful healing space you are creating , very exciting xx

    • rebalinker Post author

      Thank you, Suzie – it is tremendously exciting and I am so glad to see you here. Namaste!

    • rebalinker Post author

      Thank you, dear Jenny. I am in awe of your accomplishments and talents as well, and I am so delighted that you are such an important part of AtoZ Healing Space! xo

    • rebalinker Post author

      With all due modesty – I do believe that it will be even more fabulous than I can even imagine!!! So GREAT to see you here, Susan!

    • rebalinker Post author

      Thank you, Nathalie!

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