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Kamini Desai: Yoga Nidra Instructor

Angel Fullerton: Oracle Reader/Visionary Catalyst

Kassi Gregory: Intuitive Artist

Reba Linker: Healer/Storyteller

Jenny Mannion: Author/Intuitive Healer

Drew Matthews: Shaman/Intuitive Guide

Teri Miller: Energy Healer/Happiness Coach

Karen Palmer: Mindful Marketing & Media Strategist

Charan Surdhar: Epigeneticist

Lea Tran: Spiritual Healer/Life Satisfaction Coach

Kamini Desai, PhD, conducts the Amrit Yoga Teacher Training and the Yoga Nidra Professional Training at the 500-hour level for aspiring yoga teachers. She is certified as an E-RYT in yoga instruction. She is also certified in contact partner yoga, Phoenix Rising yoga therapy, massage therapy, danskinetics, and holistic health education.


The Art of Presence with Kamini Desai

Delivery and Transmission Skills for Teachers and Facilitators - A 3-week online live training, April  11, 18 & 25. This course offers a Certificate of Completion for those who attend all three sessions and complete the coursework.

Do people listen when you talk?

Do you want to be one of those people who carry an aura and presence around you? Charisma, presence and clear communication is something we can cultivate!

Learn how to Access your own inner power and let others feel the impact of your presence.

Learn how to deliver information in the most efficient, usable and meaningful manner. Step out of your own beliefs, habits and energetic blocks that keep you from manifesting your full potential.

Class 1: April  11, 11-12:30 ET *

  • Self-assessment-what are my strengths and weaknesses?
  • Body Scan
  • What is presence and transmission? What is the difference between speaking and transmitting?
  • Exercises to hold the presence
  • Transmuting negative emotions into energy

Class 2: April  18, 11-12:30 ET *

  • Being Remarkable as the basis of all you do
  • Deliver Homework to partner
  • How to communicate for maximum attention and retention
  • Delivery exercises

Class 3: April 25, 11-12:30 ET *

  • Deliver Story you prepared. Receive coaching
  • Simulations on managing group dynamics such as difficult and disagreeing students, differing opinions within the group,
  • How to design a mini-workshop. What to think about in terms of time, pace, use of experiences and layering of information.
  • Deliver the teaching portion of your workshop outline. Receive coaching.

* Please note: all the material will be covered in the three classes, but content is subject to be moved according to time and needs of the group.

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Releasing Reaction with Kamini Desai

Reaction can block our calm and clarity. This Yoga Nidra will help you relax, de-constrict and regain your ability to respond vs. react. Use this when want to release judgment about a person or situation and return to a balanced point of view. (Hint: The person you want to release your judgment about may be yourself.)

Techniques include:

  • Breath between root and crown
  • Right left body rotation
  • Objects in awareness


  • Restores balance & clarity
  • Releases & neutralizes unhelpful reactions
  • Fosters a non-judgmental perspective
  • Creates the groundwork for skillful action

This is an mp3 product, downloadable upon purchase.

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Emotional Integration with Kamini Desai

Integrate and release emotions and blocks the healthy way. Held emotions, resentments and painful memories circulate in the system and affect our health. Suppressing and dumping emotions don’t resolve them. This Yoga Nidra is specifically designed to skillfully resolve emotions.

 Use this when:  

  • You want to complete a current or past event.
  • You have an unnamed, unresolved feeling in your body.
  • You have a physical pain or constriction that may have an emotional component to it.

Techniques include:

  • Energetic Diffusion Technique
  • Sheetali (straw) breath
  • Heavy and Light body rotation
  • Rapid Images


  • Release and clear held emotions on an ongoing basis
  • Help resolve past incomplete events
  • Release energy blocks
  • Excellent for pain management

This is an mp3 product, downloadable upon purchase.

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Angel Fullerton is a bestselling author, intuitive coach, Infinite Possibilities certified trainer, business development consultant, oracle reader, and dreamweaver. She has a passion for helping develop new and existing businesses and nonprofit organizations. Regardless of what position she’s in, she has a penchant for weaving the practical with the impractical, creating magical experiences in the most mundane activities.


Visionary Catalyst Session with Angel Fullerton

Sometimes in life we find ourselves confused and unsure of our path, afraid to make a decision - immobile. No matter how well developed our intuition is, we are still human and carry doubts, fears, and uncertainties until we learn to heal them. During our Visionary Catalyst Session, I'll look at what the future could hold using the wisdom of the oracle while tapping into your potential to assist you in sparking a transformation. Whether it's a business endeavor or a personal issue, you'll come away with practical action steps to begin moving forward in excitement and not fear.

Our session will be recorded and delivered to you via email. Be sure to include your email address upon purchase to begin the scheduling process.

PRICE: $87  


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Kassi Gregory is an intuitive artist who channels spirit guides. She believes in empowering women through creativity. She pursues this passion to help bring people back to their true values. Her business foundations are built on sensitivity and connectivity. Her goal is to provide help those who desire to have a better relationship with themselves.



In this package, I channel and draw a full color image depicting your Spirit Guide or Animal that connects you with its wisdom in a personalized artwork for you. This will provide you with guidance in a way that reflects your personality and the intimate emotions pulled from the session.

We can meet live online via Skype or Zoom. You will receive a replay of the Guided Reading or, if you are unable to download a digital replay, you will receive a typed PDF transcript of our session via e-mail. You will also receive a letter-sized (8.5 x 11") full-color portrait of your spirit guide via snail mail and a PDF file of your Portrait that may be printed and used in meditation or journaling. 

PRICE: $189  

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Reba Linker, Founder, AtoZ Healing Space, is a bestselling author, life coach, and host of the Youtube interview show, Paint Yourself Into the Picture. Her mission is to help others reclaim their divine birthright of joy and freedom, no matter the past, and no matter the obstacles. She is Certified in Universal Sphere, TIME Heals, and ZPoint Process.


Body, Mind and Spirit PRIVATE SESSION with Reba Linker

In this one hour session you can choose to experience whichever healing modality resonates with you: TIME Heals ©, a healing modality which rebalances etheric energy and brings messages and support from your divine partners and spirit guides; Universal Sphere ®, a laeding edge healing practice which will augment your highest good in any area of your life; or ZPoint Process, a modality that helps release emotional baggage and opens space to access your authentic nature. Or – we can simply talk; sometimes that’s exactly what’s needed.

PRICE: $95  


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Body, Mind and Spirit Path of Self-Love with Reba Linker

In this course, you will learn how to de-fang your inner self-saboteur and empower your dreams. The course will guide you to:
• Gain insight into the phenomenon of self-sabotage.
• Better understand the meaning of self-love.
• Explore a series of journal prompts to help you understand your personal self-saboteur.
• Use a recorded ZPoint Process geared specifically to releasing the need for self-sabotaging behaviors.

PRICE: $45  


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Body, Mind and Spirit The Art of Manifesting with Reba Linker

We are, above all, creative beings. This is true whether we are creating a relationship, a hairstyle, a family, a business, an event, a meal, or a work of art. We needn’t call ourselves ‘artist’ in order to express our creative power. In fact we have no choice; we create all the time, whether we are aware of it or not, and whether we like the results or not. By taking this course you are saying to the Universe: “Yes! I now claim my part in creating my life. I embrace my creative power and wish to consciously use it for my own good.”

These techniques got Reba $10,000 the first week she used them. Don’t skip this gem. The course offers the essential techniques of manifesting in an easy and fresh presentation, and gives you the confidence you need to create manifestations of any size and scope. It is for those new to manifesting, and for those more experienced who are looking for new insight, tools and inspiration.

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Drew Matthews is a Packakuti Mesa Universal Shaman Initiate who is focused on healing himself and others thus contributing to the awakening and restoration of wholeness to the planet. He assists conscious individuals to discover their soul’s path and overcome roadblocks by helping them clear negative energies, emotions, limiting beliefs and programs as they rewire themselves to new vibrations.


Body, Mind and Spirit Kickstart Energy Clearing & Channeling Session with Drew Matthews

In this 60 minute phone session, Drew connects with you, your team of angels and guides as well as other forces in the unseen world to deliver unique results that will support your highest path. By working with Drew, you can look forward to...

  • Escaping old paradigms, breakthrough old patterns
  • Releasing negative energies, emotions, limiting beliefs
  • Energetic Upgrades and reprograming
  • Uncover your gifts and activate your inner guidance
  • Personalized channeled advice
    Improved relationships
  • Greater abundance

Upon purchase, Drew Matthews will contact you directly to schedule your session.

PRICE: $222


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Teri Miller is an energy healer, Certified Happiness Coach and spiritual mentor. She is a published author and founder of TIME Heals, an energy healing modality that was channeled to Teri, and is now in over 5 countries.




with Teri Miller, Reba Linker & Lisa Jo Davis

September 19 - November 7, 2017

An 8-week live online certification course designed by TIME Heals Founder Teri Miller and AtoZ Founder Reba Linker. Available exclusively at AtoZ Healing Space.

Has your heart longed for a stronger connection to Spirit and a deeper sense of the 'holy' in your life?

Do you suspect there is more to life than meets the eye, and would love to develop that hunch into an active partnership with the Divine?

Do you wish you could help others understand the beauty and potential of life?

Have you ever wanted to find an outlet for a sense of devotion and spirituality in this modern world?

If any of that speaks to your heart, then we invite you to explore participating in this course.

  • Yes, this course will certify you to share this modality with others, if you so choose.
  • Certainly, it will give you the tools to help you translate this skill into a practical business format.
  • It is also for those who wish to deepen their own sense of connection to spirit.
  • And, it is for everyone who feels ready to call in a greater sense of the holy into their lives, whether you plan to use TIME Heals professionally, or as a personal exploration.

We are all unique, yet connected through our desire to grow and learn...

  • We each have our own stories, goals and reasons for participating.
  • Our unique gifts and talents to bring to our expression of the TIME Heals modality.
  • A level of belief, from those just dipping a toe in the 'spiritual waters,' to others adding a new modality to a coaching toolbox.
  • Our own level of spiritual practice, from those who've been meditating for decades, to others just learning about chakras.

Whatever your level of practice or experience, you are welcome to join us. Through the eight weeks of the course we are creating a close, supportive community of shared exploration, discovery and support. This will be a hands-on class where you will be observing and participating in exercises of energy healing.

join us on this marvelous adventure and become a certified TIME Heals practitionerClick here to learn more.

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Body, Mind and Spirit Happiness Coaching with Teri Miller

Happiness Coaching is about helping people find true happiness which can only come from inside. It's time to make positive changes in your life.

Schedule your session now to learn how you can be the best you possible. Everyday is an adventure! Happy hunting is a sport everyone can enjoy!

You will receive a link to Teri Miller's online scheduler upon purchase of this service.

Price: $125 

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Release Private Session with Teri Miller

Release© is a method where you learn to let go of what is holding you back from your prosperity and happiness. You will also learn a method of manifestation that you can use and practice daily.

You will receive a link to Teri Miller's online scheduler upon purchase of this service.

Price: $60


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Body, Mind and Spirit Release Digital with Teri Miller

This is a guided session where you release old emotional baggage and completely let it go with the help of the angels and guides utilizing the Ho'Oponopono technique.  We delve into working with your inner child as well as do a "Divine Parent Divorce."  You will be given manifestation techniques as well.

This product is available for immediate download upon purchase.

Price $60


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Toning & Balancing 7 Chakras with Teri Miller

This digital sound recording infuses each chakra with toning sounds for clearing and alignment. My spirit guides use my vocal cords to attune each chakra.

This product is downloadable upon purchase.

Price $40


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Karen Palmer is a Mindful Marketing Media Strategist and Angel Communicator. She helps Conscious Soulpreneurs, Empowered Empaths, and Lightworkers attract perfect customers and ideal clients with mindful marketing and media.


Body, Mind and Spirit Manifestation Course + 4 Live Marketing Classes with Karen Palmer

Tap into the Magic Inside you. Karen will share ancient secrets and proven success techniques. You will learn how to unleash your spiritual gifts and manifest any goal you set for yourself. Four live marketing classes are included along with lifetime access to the course to help you grow an engaged audience. Move from feeling awkward and sale-sy to Amazing and Sharing! You may purchase this package with additional one-on-one sessions. See purchase options below.

Your digital product will be delivered to the email address used during purchase. You will receive additional communications from Karen Palmer on joining the live classes.

Digital Course + 4 Live Classes Price $222


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Digital Course + 4 Live Classes with 1:1 sessions Price $333


Members Price: $277

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Charan Surdhar is an epigeneticist with a BSc degree in Microbiology, and a MSc in Human Genetics. She's worked in the field of genetics for 13 years, identifying genetic mutations for a whole host of genetic diseases. She has contributed to many scientific papers as well as textbooks.



Body, Mind and Spirit 30 MINUTE INTRODUCTORY NEW DNA EXPERIENCE with Charan Surdhar

A powerful session for transformation whatever your issue. Uncover the energy you are holding onto unconsciously around your DNA, that is contributing to any issue in your life.

Please include a working email when purchasing this service. Charan Surdhar will be contacting you personally to schedule your sessions.

PRICE: £100

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 Lea Tran is a Plant Spirit Medicine Healer, Life Satisfaction Coach and creator of The Path Clearing Process. Since beginning her work connecting people with the re-balancing capabilities of their nature allies, she has helped hundreds of people to find more meaning, peace and connection in their lives.

In her search for meaning and connection, Lea learned that every person has access to nature allies. These nature allies can help us remove blocks accumulated over a lifetime, at a very deep spiritual level. Though our past experiences and relationships may have affected our confidence, we can all resource a huge amount of support from our plant and nature allies. They help us get unstuck, and create an ongoing source of confidence, inner strength, peace, and purpose.

The Path Clearing Process with Lea Tran

The Path Clearing Process calls upon your nature allies to help you clear your self-doubt so you can fulfill your life purpose with more ease, flow and confidence.

The program is a good fit for you if:

  • You experience self-doubt and want to clear it so you can feel more confident in yourself.
  • You feel stuck and frustrated and you don’t know what to do next to move forward even though you’ve spent a lot of time thinking about it and trying to figure it out.
  • You are hard on yourself for not being further along than you want to be.
  • You know you are meant to be doing something important but negative self-talk holds makes you procrastinate on trying out new things. 
  • You know that spending time in nature is beneficial and you’d like to know how to connect with nature’s wisdom to help you with your challenges.

The Path Clearing Process provides you with handouts, worksheets, audio recordings, effective tools and deepening exercises

Together, the 3 modules of the program helps you to manage your self judgments so that you spend more time living your purpose and helping people, and less time being triggered by your self-doubt.

Digital Course Price $57


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