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Upcoming Workshops

Shamanism & Healing for Everyday Life – Workshop with Drew Matthews

Overcome Self-Doubt by Connecting with the 5 Elements of Nature – Workshop with Lea Tran

You Aren’t a Victim to Your DNA – Here’s How – Workshop with Charan Surdhar

Let Your Food Be Your Medicine – Workshop with Evita Ochel

Workshop with Shiloh Sophia

Masters Summit Series

Stargate Experience Workshop with Prageet Harris and Julieanne Conard

Ongoing Monthly Events

Feminine Lifestyle Design with Jonita D’souza

Peaceful Parenting Circle with Karen Palmer

The Feminine Divine Circle with Laura Tria

Art Spirit Circle with Kassi Gregory

Self-Love Circle with Reba Linker

Distance Healing with Jenny Mannion

Oracle Reading with Angel Fullerton & the Oracle Team


Upcoming Workshops

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August 2017:

Tuesday, August 22 1PM – 2:30, ET

Shamanism & Healing for Everyday Life

Workshop with Drew Matthews

Discover your inner Shaman! In this workshop we will…
  • Build a Sacred Altar for everyday use. Learn how to use “ordinary items” to hold medicine that will serve your highest good and others as well.
  • Strengthen intuition
  • Learn to trust the power of intention in every moment.
  • Create Daily Rituals:  develop daily rituals to unleash your inner power and manifest what you desire more rapidly.
The workshop invites you to experience group healing through a shamanic journey designed for modern times. You will be able to release dark energies while letting in the light and upgrading your vibration. In our time together we will create a sacred space, a vortex of energy that will be dynamic and transformative serving each person’s individual intentions. Through this process you will gain confidence, build your toolbox, release situations that do not serve and open up to your inner magic.
Membership is available for a limited time only for as low as $39/month. Click here to act fast and grab this Charter Member special price before it goes away!
Not interested in membership at this time? Click here to purchase this as a stand-alone workshop: $39

Drew Matthews is a Packakuti Mesa Universal Shaman Initiate who is focused on healing himself and others thus contributing to the awakening and restoration of wholeness to the planet.

He assists conscious individuals to discover their soul’s path and overcome roadblocks by helping them clear negative energies, emotions, limiting beliefs and programs as they rewire themselves to new vibrations.

Click here to learn more.


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September 2017:

Wednesday, September 27, 12-2pm ET

Overcome Self-Doubt by Connecting With the 5 Elements in Nature

Workshop with Lea Tran

Each of the 5 elements (earth, air, water, wood and fire) offers us gifts that can help us overcome self-doubt. In this introductory workshop you’ll learn how connecting with these 5 elements can help you move forward freely to live your purpose. The work is experiential, using metaphors and imagery, to make the gifts of nature come alive in a personal way.

  • Earth’s gift is the characteristics of sympathy and compassion.
  • Air’s gift to us is all about connecting with the Divine.
  • Water is all about the opposites of fear and courage.
  • Wood is all about setting boundaries and standing up for our authentic selves.
  • Completing the quintet, the element of fire is about happiness and connection.

It is a profound experience to feel our connection to each of the elements and to receive the gifts they hold for us. These five nature elements are healing, helpful forces that are eager to share their gifts with us. Through this introductory workshop you will get a taste of the gentle yet profoundly powerful healing energy within nature, and you will start to understand how to mobilize that energy to help you accomplish your dreams.

This workshop is FREE to AtoZ membersClick here to learn more about how easy and affordable it is to join AtoZ!

Lea Tran is a Plant Spirit Medicine Healer, Registered Horticultural Therapist, Life Satisfaction Coach, and the creator of The Path Clearing Process. Since beginning her work connecting people with the re-balancing capabilities of their nature allies, she has helped hundreds of people to find more meaning, peace and connection in their lives.

Click here to learn more.

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October 2017:

Wednesday, October 18, 12noon – 2pm ET

You aren’t a victim to your DNA – Here’s how

Workshop with Charan Surdhar

Society has drilled it into us that we are victims to our DNA, if our parents and/or grandparents had/have a certain disease then we have been told that we will get it too. It’s inevitable. But what if this isn’t the case? What if you are in control of your biology? In this workshop you will gain new tools to help you empower yourself into health and well-being, and move out of fear and into empowerment.
This workshop is FREE to AtoZ members. Click here to learn more.

Charan Surdhar is a geneticist turned epigeneticist. She has a BSc degree in Microbiology, and a MSc in Human Genetics. She became interested in the mind-body-soul connection, as a result of personal struggles, which allowed her to grow spiritually, and pushed her to learn more about mind-body-soul connection. 

Now Charan assists in releasing energy, in the form of emotions, beliefs and perceptions that get in the way of the natural flow of the body to bring about positive gene expression. She uses strategies that as a scientist she knows work to bring harmony to the “whole” person, and nothing less.

Click here to learn more.


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November 2017:

Tuesday, November 7, 12noon – 1:30pm ET

Let Your Food Be Your Medicine: A Holistic Approach to a Healing Diet

Workshop with Evita Ochel

For millennia, holistic teachers and doctors have taught about the power of food as medicine, as our food can be our greatest ally in the creation of our health and wellbeing. However today, despite the abundance of information, it is not easy to use this advice most effectively as we live in a time where different foods and nutrients seem to go in and out of style, based on various claims that leave many of us more confused than empowered.
In this workshop, you will learn how to take a timeless, holistic approach to your food that goes beyond any fad, diet or claim. You will learn why certain foods work as they do, and which are most optimal to heal our human body and provide it with the appropriate protection for the many physical, chemical, mental, emotional and energetic challenges in our world today. Whether you want to lose weight, improve your energy, or enjoy a high quality of health and wellbeing, you will learn how to use the healing power of food to your advantage.
Evita Ochel is a holistic teacher whose passions and expertise span all areas of the mind, body, and spirit. She is a writer, speaker, nutritionist, yoga and meditation teacher with 15 years of experience in the biological and holistic sciences.
Evita author of the book “Healing & Prevention Through Nutrition”, and creator of hundreds of articles, videos, classes and courses for healthy living, to empower individuals to consciously create their life and be the change they wish to see.


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December 2017:

Monday, December 4, 1-3pm ET

Workshop with Shiloh Sophia

Workshop description will be posted soon. 

This workshop is FREE to AtoZ membersClick here to learn more about how easy and affordable it is to join AtoZ!

Shiloh Sophia is the co-curator and founder of the Intentional Creativity Foundation and Cosmic Cowgirls, a woman and girl owned school and they serve between 500 and 2500 women a month through revolutionary education. Their school, inn and museum is located in Sonoma County.

Shiloh’s teacher training, Color of Woman, certifies women to teach Intentional Creativity worldwide. Shiloh lives in the vineyard lined hills with her husband, also a poet and artist, Jonathan. Their Muses can be found most mornings having tea and discussing quantum physics, philosophy and sacred texts in the Red Thread Cafe.

Click here to learn more.

Masters Summit Series

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January 2018:

The Stargate Experience Workshop

with Prageet Harris and Julieanne Conard

“You are all eternal beings…never born, never died. You existed before this earth was created and you will exist after it has disappeared.” – Alcazar, the Stargate guide

This workshop is a FREE gift to our entire AtoZ community. To be on our mailing list and receive information about how to attend the workshop, click here to join at our Free Membership Level.

The Stargate is one of the leading-edge devices that can assist in the rapid expansion of human consciousness. It is a brilliant delivery system for our  evolution, effective by simply creating multiple levels of vibrations and frequencies. The energies of the Stargate can create past life remembering and re-activation of psychic abilities. It can enable participants to access wisdom and knowledge from other dimensional realities, and to actually feel – and in some cases see – benevolent, high energy Beings such as those from the Angelic Realm, Ascended Masters, and various Star Families – beings that exist in other dimensional realities and around our Universe.

All these experiences come about during guided meditations by the raising of the individual’s vibrational frequency – a process that reactivates dormant, multi-dimensional DNA. It is the DNA that holds the key to who you are, who you have been, and how your physical structure works – your part and purpose in the Universal scheme, and your ability to communicate directly with Spirit.

Why is the Stargate work considered to be ‘cutting edge’ in the world of human development? Because there is no longer any need for decades of meditation or therapy – it can provide a direct experience of the vastness within you, allowing your limitations to simply drop away. The best part is – there’s nothing to “do” – just by relaxing into an intelligent, quantum energy field you will feel your awareness expanding.

Prageet – an English, internationally renowned channel – has for 25 years worked with his guide Alcazar and their creation, the Stargate. This is a conscious, sacred-geometrical structure that creates a powerful, multi-dimensional energy field – an energy that can take participants into a deep meditative state within moments.

Julieanne works with Prageet and has been part of the Stargate project since 2012.  She discovered a strong connection with both the Stargate and Alcazar, whom she also channels.  With the guidance of Alcazar, Julieanne has developed a new form of energetic self-healing known as The Essence of Life.  Together Prageet and Julieanne travel the world sharing the Stargate work.

Ongoing Monthly Events

Our recurring monthly events are all FREE to AtoZ members. Act fast to take advantage of our Charter Member Specials while they last – you save over $100 every month!  Click here to learn more about how affordable it is to join AtoZ! 

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Feminine Lifestyle Design with Jonita D'souza

1st Thursday of every month, 2pm - 3pm. Starts in September.

A monthly circle for modern day busy women to reconnect with their feminine using their desires, rituals and movement practices.

The Feminine Lifestyle Design circle is FREE to AtoZ Premium MembersClick here to learn more about how easy it is to join the AtoZ community!
Premium Unlimited Membership is available for a limited time only for as low as $39/month. Click here to act fast and grab this Charter Member special price before it goes away!
Not ready to join as a Premium Unlimited Member at this time? Click here to purchase this as a stand-alone workshop: $18

Jonita D'souza was born and raised in the tropical islands of Andaman, India. She left home at the age of 17 to find her identity. Her quest brought her to London, where she found the freedom she was yearning for. However, soon she was caught in the rat race and competition of the Western world, burnt out with severe illnesses which made her realize that she had to lose her societal identity in order to discover her real essence. After immersing herself in to the spiritual learnings of the divine feminine and discovering her real essence as a woman, she made the decision to pass on this wisdom to as many women around and invite them on a journey of exploring their femininity through women’s circles, workshops and private coaching.

Jonita is a Feminine Lifestylist, assisting modern day busy women who struggle with burn-out, overwhelm and body love to reconnect with their feminine and sensual energy so that they can create a lifestyle that is fulfilling, nurturing and pleasurable. Jonita is also a certified life coach, NLP practitioner, Master Hypnotherapist and combines the teachings of feminine mysticism and shamanism in her work. Jonita believes that it is the responsibility of the 21st century women to explore their femininity, so that they can create a sustainable life for themselves, for their loved ones and for generations to come.


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Peaceful Parenting Circle with Karen Palmer

3rd Wednesday of every month, 7-8:30pm ET

Special Event: August 23, 7-8pm ET: Peaceful Parenting Master Class with Karen Palmer - Free to our entire AtoZ community at the Free and Premium Membership Levels! Visit our Community Bulletin Board to learn more.

Join us as we co-create a sacred space to share and experience the embodiment of peaceful parenting. This is place for parents of children any age to be held and supported. This circle is for any parent who desires to create a spiritual connection within their children's lives and expand to have more loving relationships. This circle is to support and empower families.

This is a community for the parents who want to empower their children to know themselves, trust their emotional guidance, and foster an inner connection to divinity, in whatever form that takes. This is for parents who want to create stronger spiritual foundations and connections in their own lives and let it flood through their homes and family's approach to life. It's for parents who believe that spirituality can be lived and loved, not taught and dreaded, that spirituality is fun, light and about love, and that the tools of self- awareness, meditation, law of attraction and emotional intelligence can empower our children to create lives based in love, which will lead to a better world.

The path to conscious parenting is uncovered by a willingness to engage in an awakened life. Children provide us with a mirror to watch ourselves like never before. In this way our children become our spiritual teachers. This circle will bring ancient wisdom, modern science, and mindfulness to your family life with grace and ease.

  • Transform your negative thought patterns from the inside out.
  • Connect with your child WITHOUT conflict (how amazing would that be? Amazing!)
  • Navigate family (and other) disagreements PEACEFULLY.
  • Shed the roles you’re currently playing and unfold into your truest, MOST AUTHENTIC self.

The Peaceful Parenting circle is FREE to AtoZ Premium MembersClick here to learn more about how easy it is to join the AtoZ community!

Membership is available for a limited time only for as low as $39/month. Click here to act fast and grab this Charter Member special price before it goes away!
Not ready to join as a Premium Unlimited Member at this time? Click here to purchase this as a stand-alone workshop: $18

Karen Palmer is a loving wife and mother, Non-Profit Business Leader, Founder of Eco Angel Enterprises, 3-times best-selling author, game designer, and online talk show host. She teaches yoga, mindfulness, and kindness in schools and youth centers. She is a Spiritual Medium, Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Angel/Animal Communicator, Certified Akashic Records Reader, NLP Practitioner, Crystal Healer and Certified Reiki Master. She has transformed her life from being a survivor of domestic abuse, homeless, and struggling with addictions, to being happily married for 20 years, with a beautiful 21 year old daughter who is living her dream life! Karen’s wish is to help children and families feel empowered and learn skills to navigate this beautiful world with joy.




The Feminine Divine Women's Circle with Laura Tria

2nd & 4th Monday of every month, starting August 28, 10:30-11:30am ET

To sit in Circle means to choose a pillow or chair in your sacred space and center yourself around candle light to honor the basic Elements of Life (Air, Earth, Sun and Sea) as we also honor Our Selves.

With the lights low, we step out of our mundane world to recoup and restore our Spirits. Meditations, Chanting and Drumming, Spiritual Exercises and Sacred Conversation that follow the Seasons of our lives, we sit while we explore the Feminine Side to Spirituality. We use ancient as well as modern knowledge to bring us out of our daily practices and bring us into Balance.

This workshop is FREE to AtoZ Premium MembersClick here to learn more about how easy it is to join the AtoZ community!
Membership is available for a limited time only for as low as $39/month. Click here to act fast and grab this Charter Member special price before it goes away!
Not interested in membership at this time? Click here to purchase this as a stand-alone workshop: $18

Laura Tria, InterFaith Minister and Priestess, Living and Teaching Life in Balance: Mind Body Spirit. Laura became an Ordained Interfaith Minister at All Faith Seminary in 2000 and has been serving her community ever since. In the last 20 years she has become a Life Coach, a Spiritual Counselor and Master Reiki Healer. In everything she does, The Feminine is at the forefront of Laura’s mind. She is the author of “HerStory, A Feminine Interpretation of Ancient Knowledge”, a book that speaks on womyn and their original story in the most novel and yet nostalgic way.

As a Teacher, she is known for training and ordaining those that have a 'calling to serve'. She is Founder of The New Light Sanctuary, LLC; a place where everyone regardless of gender, orientation, identification or religion is welcome. In addition, she holds workshops for womyn to connect to their deepest and most divine feminine wisdom. Laura is also Priestess and facilitator of “Our Feminine Divine Circle”, a monthly gathering of womyn to connect with themselves and other womyn to the entrancing rhythm of drums and chants. Laura Tria is a Visionary who believes knowing our spiritual past will ground us and help us build a brighter, healthier, happier future.


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Art Spirit Circle with Kassi Gregory

3rd Monday of every month, 10am - 11:15am, ET.

Upcoming dates are August 21, September 18, 2017

Welcome to our art circle where we explore aspects of self and spirit in a safe community. This is a spiritual art practice that allows space to forgive and release past wounds, to discover something new, and to embrace all aspects of the self. Kassi facilitates through meditation and instruction as we explore the Animals’ Spirit world and navigate a spiritual journey through art. Kassi guides us to:

  • release judgment and allow discovery
  • trust the process of emotional thinking
  • quiet the inner critic
  • listen to instinct and intuition
  • allow our guides and higher self to communicate with us
  • enjoy the creative process
  • allow the art to speak to you and offer its messages

No art experience necessary! All are welcome, from experienced artists, to those who believe "they don't have an artistic bone in their body!" Bring a sense of adventure, awareness, and your favorite art accessories (paper, pencils, pens, markers, paints, etc.). We look forward to sharing the adventure with you.

"The artist alone sees spirits, but after he has told of their appearing to him, everybody sees them”  - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Kassi Gregory is an Intuitive Artist, Spirit Walker and Teacher. She not only receives her own guides’ images, she also channels the guides of others. These guides help us navigate and understand the world around us. To Kassi, “Creativity and play are the catalysts to reveal our true selves. Once we recognize ourselves in our pictures, we can start to explore and ask that part of ourselves to guide us forward. This experience helps us transcend our earthbound barriers and obstacles.” Kassi has studied traditional Fine Arts, Graphic Art and animation. As a child she could draw in perfect proportion and form, even before she could talk, and she has long been able to move between the spirit and the mortal worlds. Her primary language is “Spirit Art”! Click here to learn more.

This workshop is FREE to AtoZ Premium MembersClick here to learn more about how easy it is to join the AtoZ community!
Membership is available for a limited time only for as low as $39/month. Click here to act fast and grab this Charter Member special price before it goes away!
Not interested in membership at this time? Click here to purchase this as a stand-alone workshop: $18


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Self-Love Circle with Reba Linker

2nd Tuesday of every month, 12noon-1 pm EST.

Upcoming Dates: August 8, September 12, October 10, November 14, December 12

Self-love starts with accepting and loving our bodies, to compassionate self-talk, to claiming what we desire and need, to loving the inner child that has erroneously learned that he or she is not 'enough' or is 'too much' or that in some other way is not deserving of the greatest love, abundance and joy. Self-love is the key that opens the door to that which we long for and dream of. In this self-love circle we will explore various ideas and exercises pertaining to self-love in a safe, non-judgmental, confidential environment.

In the holy space in the center of the circle we share our intentions, our dreams, and our willingness to listen. We hear each other and our emerging collective wisdom, equal in creating a sacred community together. Join us to see what gets invited when we create the space to be present with ourselves and with each other.

We gather together.

We bring our hopes and dreams, our questions, our pain.

We come to be healed, to find answers,

To meet one another and to know ourselves.

The circle space Is where we gather.

The circle space is where we rise.

Reba Linker is a life coach and author of the Kindle bestselling journal, Imagine Self-Love, and host of the Youtube interview show, Paint Yourself Into the Picture. Reba’s work centers on the idea that healing is imminently possible, and change can happen easily and quickly. Reba’s books include The Little Book of Manifesting Big and Follow the Yarn.

She studied with a spiritual teacher for many years, and is a certified Master Trainer in TIME Heals, and is also certified in Universal Sphere and ZPoint Therapy. Click here to learn more.

This workshop is FREE to AtoZ Premium MembersClick here to learn more about how easy it is to join the AtoZ community!
Membership is available for a limited time only for as low as $39/month. Click here to act fast and grab this Charter Member special price before it goes away!
Not interested in membership at this time? Click here to purchase this as a stand-alone workshop: $18


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Full Moon Distance Healing

With Jenny Mannion

Distance healing works because we are electrical and magnetic beings made of energy and emitting light. By tuning into our most important organ (the heart) we can access the source of this information and use that to send information out as well. To learn more about how it works visit this article by Jenny Mannion on the topic.

The Full Moon is a powerful time to release that which does not serve you: patterns, behaviors, negative thoughts, physical or emotional limitations, lack of confidence or anything else that has been holding you back. In this monthly distance healing, we use the full moon energy to send energy to you and to the intentions that you have set for your wellbeing. This is an opportunity to reflect about what changes you would love to manifest in your life.

It is done in our own individual spaces. You do not need to be quiet or lying down at the time of the energy transmission to receive the energy, the healing will work regardless. If you are able to take the time to relax and feel into this powerful stream of energy, you may feel energy and some sensations.    

In order to participate:

  • Type ‘yes’ in the comments on the monthly Distance Healing post in our members-only FB forum (we’ll pin the post to the top of the page one week prior to that month’s Full Moon).
  • Set intentions about what you wish to release in order to manifest change, or focus on areas of your life that can use healing: physical, mental, emotional, relationships, etc.
  • Set the intention that whether or not you are able to be conscious of it during the time of the distance healing, you are open and willing to receive healing energy.
  • Set aside 30-60 minutes, either during the time Jenny is sending or within 24 hours, to relax and receive. You may feel energy, or receive messages, insights or intuitions related to your intentions and focus.

Upcoming Dates:

September Full Moon: Wednesday, September 6, 12 noon ET

The September full Moon is known as the Full Corn Moon because it corresponds with the time of harvesting corn. It is also called the Barley Moon because this is the time to harvest and thresh the ripened barley. It is also called the "Harvest Moon," the Moon that falls nearest the autumn equinox; this full Moon provides the most light at the time when it's needed most—to complete the harvest!

Other traditional Moon names used by Native Americans include:

"Moon When the Plums Are Scarlet" by the Lakota Sioux.

"Moon When the Deer Paw the Earth" by the Omaha.

"Moon When the Calves Grow Hair" by the Sioux.

August was a crazy powerful month with 2 eclipses, the solar eclipse being the most powerful in 99 years, Mercury in Retrograde and a Meteor Shower for the Ages. I hope you were able to "go with the flow" and set your intentions and release what did not serve you.  September's full moon is really about reaping the harvest of all your intentions. The energies will settle now and support whatever work you have been doing for yourself to get clear and state what you want.  If you still need to clear things out, I ask that you show yourself love as you ask for these to be released.  Bring to mind what it is you want to create and know that this Full Moon is the one of Harvest!  

October Full Hunter's Moon Distance Healing:

Thursday October 5th, 1PM, ET.

November Full Beaver Moon Distance Healing:

Friday November 3rd, 1PM, ET.

December Full Cold Moon Distance Healing: Monday Dec 4th, 12PM, ET.

Leverage the energy of the full moons! If you have not yet done so, grab Jenny's full moon meditation in the news or Community Bulletin Board, which will help you get in the right space for this September harvest Moon.

Photo: Alissa Christine

Full Moon Distance Healing is FREE to AtoZ members. Click here to learn more about how affordable it is to join.

Jenny Mannion is passionate about helping you discover your unlimited potential and power. After years of suffering with chronic dis-eases and chronic pain, Jenny healed herself in 3 weeks. It was the start of a spiritual journey and a complete life transformation.  She is the author of “A Short Path to Change:  30 Ways to Transform Your Life.” Click here to learn more.



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Cosmic Coffee Chats with Angel & the Oracle Team

Tuesdays at 11am, ET

Live chats on A to Z Healing Space Facebook page and in our Members-Only group with Angel Fullerton and the AtoZ Oracle Team. It's all about going with the flow! Includes readings with tips and techniques on being your own reader. We'll tap into the awareness of the group and explore our individual and collective potential for the coming week and month, and share resources to help you along your magical journey.

We'll be swimming in Universal Flow so expect surprises! Using oracle cards we'll hone in on a focus for the group during the month. We'll discuss ways to incorporate that energy into our individual lives. There will be time for individual readings so bring your questions! A brief summary of the AtoZ Healing Space collective reading is posted at the top of this page every month.

Angel Fullerton is an international bestselling author, intuitive coach, business development consultant, oracle reader, dreamweaver, a loving wife, and mother of two extraordinary daughters. 

Angel is a serial entrepreneur, helping to develop and grow new and existing businesses and nonprofit organizations.

She is currently working on her B.S. in Business Management and is a Leadership Madison County Alumni. Angel is an EIPPY Award winner through her contribution in “My Big Idea Book”.



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Now in the AtoZ Video Library

All past AtoZ Circle Space featured monthly workshops are available for your viewing in the AtoZ Members' AtoZ Video Library.


April 2017

Understanding Mediumship

Workshop with Teri Miller

What is a medium and how do they communicate with spirit? Who can do this? Come explore these as well as any other questions you may have, and learn methods you can use to develop this skill for yourself. Includes several personal readings in this 2-hour workshop.

Teri Miller is the founder of TIME Heals energy healing modality. She is the author of five books. Click here to learn more.

Now available in the AtoZ Video Library.


May 2017

Catalyzing Energy to Create FAST Change

Workshop with Jenny Mannion

Have you been told: “change is hard” or “change takes a long time?” Jenny Mannion healed herself of 7 years of chronic disease in 3 weeks. For the last 10 years she’s been teaching others that change can be easier than you think. Our thoughts and emotions are made of energy. By gaining tools to shift that energy you can catalyze change faster than you ever dreamed possible. Gain easy tools to catalyze positive change in the areas of health, finances, relationships, emotional blocks and more - all in record time.

Photo: Alissa Christine

Jenny Mannion is passionate about helping you discover your unlimited potential and power. She is the author of “A Short Path to Change:  30 Ways to Transform Your Life.” Click here to learn more.

Now available in the AtoZ Video Library.


June 2017

Understanding the Energy of Relationships

Workshop with Kamini Desai

What Do Your Relationships Say About You? Explore the energy principles of yoga, and how they create patterns in the way we relate to others. This is a fascinating set of teachings and exercises which will help you context many of your past and present relationships and give you concrete tools to experiment with as you relate to clients, colleagues, friends and family.  We will end with a yoga nidra experience to fully absorb the insights you receive and set your intention as you move forward in the way you relate to others.

Kamini Desai is the Education Director of the Amrit Yoga Institute and the creator of the Amrit Method of Yoga Nidra training curriculum. She is the author of Yoga Nidra: The Art of Transformational Sleep. In 2012 Kamini was awarded the title Yogeshwari (a woman of yogic mastery). Click here to learn more.

Now available in the AtoZ Video Library.


July 2017

The Many Ways Your Womb Speaks to You

with Lisa Marie Goodson

Do you find you get an upset stomach after eating certain foods, or feel tired when you're around certain people? Do you have unnerving dreams? These are just a few of the ways that your womb is trying to communicate with you. Are you paying attention? In this workshop Lisa Marie will be discussing the many ways your womb tries to get your attention. Learn how to listen to your womb, how to heal your womb for greater understanding, and how to charge up your womb for clarity and abundance.

Lisa Marie Goodson aka Nubia I,is the Founder and Director of the BLACKBERRY BEAUTY Transformative Academy, dedicated to the health and wellness of women and the men who love them. She is an internationally known wellness coach, raw and living food chef, womb yoga instructor, dancer and poet. She has helped many women and men find new life through her books, DVD’s, workshops and lectures. Click here to learn more.

Now available in the AtoZ Video Library.