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AtoZ Academy offers access to a variety of skills to help humanity, and, in doing so, to better understand ourselves. We encourage AtoZ participants to awaken to their own healing powers through trainings and certification courses. 

Our programs are all unique to AtoZ Academy, each representing a collaboration between the instructor and AtoZ Academy. Our goal is to provide an optimally supportive training experience to prepare you to share your gifts with the world.


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Heart-Centered Business Series

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TIME Heals Practitioner Training with Teri Miller

The Art of Presence with Kamini Desai, Ph.D.

Heart-centered Business Series

A monthly FREE series for the AtoZ Healing Space community. Hosted by Reba Linker.

Be Heard Above the Noise

with Tracy Repchuk, Thursday, August 17, 12noon – 1:30pm ET

As a speaker, author, coach, and entrepreneur, you have a mission to reach your Tribe with your message and play a bigger game. With just 3 seconds to make a first impression, if you don’t look as good online as you do off you are losing money, customers and wasting the most valuable marketing resource you have.

To be successful online you need to be able to navigate past confusing steps and misleading hype. Yet you would be wise to leverage powerful online tools to attract more leads, get more clients, and share your message in a sustainable way.

Social Media has transformed the landscape making it easier than ever to capture and convert your target audience. SEO is even more vital, and brand management is at a premium. Discover how all of these work together to give you the cohesive strategy you need to make an Instant Online Impact.

You will discover:

  1. What the first critical step is that most companies don’t do
  2. Discover the missing piece to being heard above the noise
  3. What websites you need to claim the power of the internet
  4. Why social media can’t be skipped and where you should be
  5. How to put it all together

See you there so you can Expand Your Reach with Your Heart-Centered Message!

Tracy Repchuk bio highlights:

  • 7 Time International Bestselling Author including 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles from Wiley Publishing
  • World-renowned speaker in over 35 countries including Keynote in China at Global Leaders Economic Summit for presidents, heads of state and CEOs for technology
  • Award winning entrepreneur, writer and speaker since 1985 at the age of 19 when she started her software company including awards from Senate, Assembly, and the White House Presidential Award from President Obama
  • Pioneer on the internet developing brands, websites, SEO and now social media since 1994 and currently serving on the Forbes Coaching Council
  • Featured expert in over 22 National and Local TV as a trusted resource for technology, internet and social media including ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and appeared in 3 motivational movies
  • Global leader serving thousands of clients around the world to develop a fully branded end to end website presence so they can professionally match, rise above the competition, and reach millions with their message.

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Marketing With Integrity: Focus on PASSION Points NOT Pain Points

with Lisa Manyon, Wednesday, September 13, 12noon – 1:30pm ET

Often we get in our own way when it comes to creating marketing messages and strategy that gets results.  Lisa Manyon, “The Business Marketing Architect” will share an overview of her “Challenge. Solution. Invitation.™” formula that she has pioneered to help mission-driven businesses succeed in marketing.  The framework will help you create marketing messages with integrity.

Her approach often removes energetic blocks that have been standing in the way of marketing efforts. It also provides a completely customizable framework that you can apply to your marketing messages and copy.

You will discover:

  • Why antiquated, pushy marketing tactics aren’t working (and actually
    perpetuate buyers remorse)
  • The importance of creating your marketing messages based on your values
    and why this matters (especially to female consumers who influence over 85%
    of all purchasing decisions)
  • How the NEW marketing model for success based on a relationship-first approach to marketing is changing the way we market forever (relationship building is the MOST powerful marketing tool ever)
  • The impact of your message and why you must choose your words carefully (your word is your honor and your words must match your actions).
  • What you can do to incorporate the simple 3-step “Challenge. Solution. Invitation.™” formula to create marketing messages with integrity by focusing on PASSION points not pain to get better results (as seen in Inc. Magazine, #1 Bestselling books and beyond)Plus, Lisa will address the biggest marketing challenges of members of the AtoZ Healing Space Community.

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How to find your powerful, authentic voice and share it globally

with Karen Palmer, October 2017
Here’s what you will learn:

Leveraging Platforms: How to use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter,  Periscope, and Linked In to grow your audience

The Four C’s for Success in Social Media and Marketing: Connection, Consistency, Community, Collaboration

How to rock your talk every time anywhere.

4 P’s for building a massive following and engaged audience: Practice, Presence, Passion, Pause

Secrets to cross-promotion with Influencers:

  • How to use hashtags, tweets, and posts to impact the world.  
  • Three things you should NEVER EVER do when building a relationship with a highly influential person online or in person.
  • How setting an intention is essential to attracting really amazing, supportive business leaders into your life.
  • Four ways to build relationships with influencers so they notice you and feel inspired to support you.
  • My secret tip to nurturing really valuable relationships. 
This workshop is open to everyone in our FREE Level of Membership. To join at this level, click here to enter your email in our Magic Doorway!
Karen Palmer is following her calling to help women, children and animals end the suffering of abuse. She is the non-profit business leader of Eco-Angel Enterprises, Self Worth/Visibility Coach, Game Designer, Animal & Angel Communicator, Kundalini Yoga and Mindfulness/Meditation Instructor. She Combines Ancient Wisdom, Technology, music, and Modern Science to help make OUR world a more loving place. As a Mindful Marketing & Social Media Strategist she helps dreamers, visionaries, change agents, and peacemakers find their voice and share their message and gifts globally. 
She is the Director of Media for Prosperity and Peace Initiative, Social Media Manager for Path to Anandam, and Co-Founder of Global Peace United. She is the Best-Selling Author of  #Globalkindness Going Viral, The Secret to Puppy Love, and Dogs are Gifts From God. She believes in being a #voiceforthevoiceless. She is a host of the Globally Good Show and Self Love Sunday, and co-host on the popular Angelspeakers. Her non-profit organization Eco Angels is dedicated to bringing environmental education, animal advocacy, mindfulness, meditation, and kindness as part of the grades K-12 curriculum. She will be sharing her social media and mindful marketing techniques to help you get your message to masses.

This workshop is open to everyone in our FREE Level of Membership. To join at this level, click here to enter your email in our Magic Doorway! Once there, you will learn how to create your Member Profile and gain access to our Community Bulletin Board!


Professional Training & Certification Courses

Coming September 2017:


Instructor: Teri Miller

September 19 – November 7, 2017

The AtoZ TIME Heals Practitioner Training is designed by TIME Heals Founder Teri Miller and Reba Linker and is available exclusively through AtoZ Healing Space.


TIME Heals is an energy healing modality that utilizes energy from a collective of Ascended Masters and Archangels to clear and balance the chakras and infuse healing energy wherever needed into the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self.  In this course, you will learn all about this modality, receive attunements to this powerful energy, and full and thorough preparation to be able to share this modality as a TIME Heals practitioner.

The course will be delivered through a series of group classes, readings, written assignments, private sessions and practice sessions. 

Upon completion, you will receive certification as a TIME Heals energy healer.


Students who complete this course successfully will be able to:

  • Balance and align chakras
  • Facilitate an energy healing session


  • TIME Heals by Teri Miller and Rosanne Lombardo Heaton, available on Amazon.
  • Protective gemstone such as hematite or obsidian (recommended but not required).


Reading assignments from TIME Heals.


This will be a hands-on class where you will be observing and participating in exercises of energy healing.


Class participation in group classes and private sessions is mandatory. If you are unable to attend either group or individual sessions, these must be made up at the instructor’s convenience.

Participants are expected to interact in a civil and respectful manner supportive of an inclusive learning environment for all students.  Students are encouraged to speak with the instructor and/or Reba Linker, the owner of A-Z Healing Space regarding any concerns they may have about classroom participation and classroom dynamics.


Attending, participating, and completing all assignments are mandatory to receive certification.



The best learning environment––whether in the group classroom or one-on-one sessions—is one in which all members feel respected while being productively challenged. At A-Z Healing Space, we are dedicated to fostering an inclusive atmosphere, in which all participants can contribute, explore, and challenge their own ideas as well as those of others. Every participant has an active responsibility to foster a climate of intellectual stimulation, openness, and respect for diverse perspectives, questions, personal backgrounds, abilities, and experiences, although instructors bear primary responsibility for its maintenance.


Group sessions will be Tuesdays, 11am – 12noon, ET on the following days:

September 19, 26, October 3, 10, 17, 24 & 31, and November 7, 2017

Private sessions with the instructor will be scheduled on an individual basis.

Practice sessions with volunteer ‘clients’ will be scheduled on an individual basis.


Attendance is required for all group and one-on-one sessions to be eligible for certification.  Any missed sessions must be rescheduled with the instructor.


The instructor will provide feedback to each individual participant throughout the course.


Teri Miller is the founder of TIME Heals, an energy healing modality that was channeled to Teri, and is now in over 5 countries. Teri is a Certified Happiness Coach and spiritual mentor, guiding you through the process of peeling away layers to uncover the happiness and joy inside. Teri leads meditation groups locally, and online meditations across the world.

Disclaimer: The instructor reserves the right to make modifications to this information throughout the semester.

TIME Heals Practitioner 8-week Certification Training Course: 



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$555/Regular Price



Coming April 2018

The Art of Presence

Delivery and Transmission Skills for Teachers and Facilitators

Instructor: Kamini Desai, PhD

Dates: April  11, 18 & 25, 11-12:30 ET

This course offers a Certificate of Completion for those who attend all three sessions and complete the coursework.

Do people listen when you talk? Do you want to be one of those people who carry an aura and presence around you? Charisma, presence and clear communication is something we can cultivate!

Access your own inner power and let others feel the impact of your presence. Learn how to deliver information in the most efficient, usable and meaningful manner. Step out of your own beliefs, habits and energetic blocks that keep you from manifesting your full potential.


Class One: April  11, 11-12:30 ET *

Self-assessment-what are my strengths and weaknesses?

Body Scan

What is presence and transmission? What is the difference between speaking and transmitting?

Exercises to hold the presence

Transmuting negative emotions into energy

Homework: Prepare a short (3 minute) presentation delivered with transmission, conviction and presence


Class Two: April  18, 11-12:30 ET *

Being Remarkable as the basis of all you do

Deliver Homework to partner

How to communicate for maximum attention and retention

Delivery exercises

Homework: Tell a 3 minute story using the delivery skills you have learned

Read and choose one of the workshop outlines. Be prepared to teach the teaching portion next week. (7mins each)


Class Three: April 25, 11-12:30 ET *

Deliver Story you prepared. Receive coaching

Simulations on managing group dynamics such as difficult and disagreeing students, differing opinions within the group,

How to design a mini-workshop. What to think about in terms of time, pace, use of experiences and layering of information.

Deliver the teaching portion of your workshop outline. Receive coaching.


* Please note that all this material will be covered in the three classes, but that content is subject to be moved according to time and needs of the group.


Kamini Desai PhD is a writer, speaker, author and Education Director of the Amrit Yoga Institute. In 2009 she developed an advanced training program to develop senior teachers teaching worldwide on behalf of the Amrit Yoga Institute. These teachers have gone on to teach nationally and internationally with great success, crediting Kamini’s coaching with much of their success. You will be receiving a taste of the personal developmental work she does with teachers, healers and counselors helping them compassionately and pointedly identify the energetic, mental and emotional blocks that hold them back and finding unique, effective and creative ways to break through these limitations in a very short time.

The Art of Presence

3-week Certification Course with Kamini Desai


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