Wouldn’t it be great to get answers to life’s puzzling questions?

Wouldn’t it be heaven-sent to receive guidance, exactly when the way is unclear?

Here are the answers you need…

Guidance, insight and perspective to help you make the most out of the path ahead!


This offering is a reading on one specific question or issue facing you right now. No question is too big or too small. Purchase this for yourself or as a gift for a friend…


One Question, Answered
One Question, Answered
Receive guidance on a single question or issue. Oracle Reader Angel Fullerton will do a Tarot reading around your question which will open up new awareness and perspective to help you make the best decisions and take the best actions pertaining to your issue. This product is delivered via downloadable PDF, usually within 72 hours of receiving your question.


Get a personalized month-by-month reading for each of the 12 months ahead. Makes a wonderful gift for yourself, or for someone you love…


The Cosmic Map 12 Month Forecast with Angel Fullerton
The Cosmic Map 12 Month Forecast with Angel Fullerton
The Cosmic Map is a personalized 12-month forecast that utilizes a 12-card Tarot spread to gain insight into each month, as well as 12 Oracle cards to gain insight into what may help or hinder you during each month. This is combined with your personal monthly numerology forecast, basic planetary energies, and any intuitive insight that comes through. The Cosmic Map is a wonderful tool to aid in personal and business planning for the coming 12-month period. You’ll be better able to prepare for obstacles and challenges and pinpoint abundant times for more focused energy. This product is delivered via downloadable PDF. Angel will need your full birthdate in order to complete the numerology forecast.



Angel Fullerton, author, Intuitive coach, business development consultant, oracle reader, and Leader of the Tarot Circle

Angel has a penchant for weaving the practical with the fantastic, and creating magic from the everyday. “It is in the stories we tell about our life that we will find learning and growth. With this awareness we are able to heal, love fully, and stand in our truth.