Wowza! What Beauty Emerged!

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I’m offering a prayer of thanksgiving for this day… After months of preparation, we just had our first AtoZ Healing Space Women’s Circle – Coming Home to Self, led by Joni Advent Maher,  and it was amazing. 

We were inspired, grounded and uplifted, all at the same time.

It was a brief time out of our busy lives, brief, and yet so full of presence, so resonant with awareness and inspiration. One of the things Joni shared was a prompt for a 5-minute writing exercise. The angels must have been sitting on our shoulders because it evoked a deep response from each of us. What came up in those five short minutes was nothing short of miraculous.

The prompt Joni shared was: “I am a member of the family of life…” With her permission, here’s what came up in response for one participant:

I am a member of the family of life, my feather is your feather as we hold each other as we fly together.

Open your heart and soul to me and let the ancient Orb Spider navigate through your web, make it whole again so you and your body can become a network of light.

Build your nest, so others may roost, share your wisdom and compassion to all that need it, an open heart is key.

Show your wings allow others to fly by example. Let your ancient linage heal. Now is a new chapter as ancestors are healing by the space nature is providing.

Root your feet with mother nature and how she loves you so. Let your heart fly with the birds little one. Be warmed by the sun as tomorrow is your new horizon. – Kassi

Another woman shared:

“I am a member of the family of life. I share air with all beings. I walk among the grass, flowers, trees and animals giving gratitude for all the beauty. I put my hand in a stream feeling connected to all that live in the water and watch the ripples it creates. I want to serve, to give back to Our Earth Mother and all who co-habitate on this beautiful planet. I feel lucky and blessed to be a member of the family of life. We all are one and I feel that love, truth and gratitude deep within.” – Jenny

What beauty!

I am in awe of Joni’s leadership, and in gratitude to the women who share our sacred circle!

Women’s Circle leader Joni Advent Maher

I live in Queens, one of the five boroughs of NYC, and I used to attend a wonderful women’s circle in Manhattan. The group was so important for my sense of community and perspective on my life. Yet by the time I got myself to the subway station (a taxi or a lift, or drove and then found parking), into the subway, to the group and back home, that 90-minute meeting became a 4-5 hour time commitment. And the travel expenses really added up, not to mention sometimes also needing to pay for babysitting for that stretch of time as well. Yikes!

So imagine how great it felt to get that sense of community, presence and belonging by just connecting via my home computer! Not only that; that one meeting in Manhattan (even without all the associated travel expenses) cost more than a whole month of AtoZ membership, which includes Joni’s circle, and also a different live online workshop each month, monthly healings and oracle readings, a video library, an online members forum, and so much more!

The women’s circle meets the second Tuesday of every month, 12noon-1:30pm ET. Click here to join now. We welcome you with sweet discounts for our Charter Members! Click here to learn more about the goodies in store for our members.

All the benefits of membership for less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day. Wowza! 

Click here to join our mailing list and get your divine Goody Bag filled with gifts from four of our featured healers. 

Until next time, remember: every obstacle is a doorway, you just need to look for the opening!

Abundant blessings,
Reba Linker, 
Founder, AtoZ Healing Space

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18 thoughts on “Wowza! What Beauty Emerged!

  1. Natasha Botkin

    Beautiful! Joni is amazing! Thanks for sharing this incredible moment. Xoxo

    • rebalinker Post author

      Thank you, Natasha. Feeling blessed.

  2. Susan Mary Malone

    Oh, this is just so beautiful! I love, love what this group is doing.
    And this, this spoke deeply to me: “Be warmed by the sun as tomorrow is your new horizon.” – Kassi
    How fabulous to be able to benefit from you all!

    • rebalinker Post author

      Thank you, Susan. Don;t think you are going to get away without me saying (please picture Svengali, Dracula or Rasputin here): “Join! Join! Join! Vee vant you to be part of this!” Lol!

      • Susan Mary Malone

        I will, Reba, I will! Let me recover, time wise. The last babies went out the door last weekend (except for my keepers). Whew. Ellie J and I are both tired mamas! And I for one am behind. Ellie J, not so much. LOL

        • rebalinker Post author

          Honey, I understand – it’s not easy having 13 puppies! Lol!

  3. Vatsala Shukla

    Isn’t it amazing how a community of like-minded women can bring out the best our Souls have to offer, Reba?

    It reminded me of the time I was learning TM in London and once a month, I used to go for a tune up and Group meditation. I knew the other members from before and often commented to the teacher that the quality of my meditation was much better. She explained it as being the power of community.

    To your Success!

    • rebalinker Post author

      Thank you, Vatsala! Yes, community is so incredibly powerful. I would be so honored to one day see your face in the group!

  4. Sue Kearney

    So lovely to read this, and I too am inspired by “tomorrow is your new horizon.”

    Funny, I’m moving away from behind the computer screen and making face-to-face community in a whole new way. Moving motivated me to try something new and I’m really enjoying (as my friend Christy puts it) hugging, smelling, and physically touching the people with whom I’m connecting. Luckily it’s a small town and I’m so far okay with up to 35-minute commutes to these various events (with most of them no more than 15 minutes away).

    • rebalinker Post author

      I love connecting in the flesh, too, Sue and I am so glad that is fitting into your new lifestyle! That said, the power of connecting face-to-face and soul to soul via the modern marvel of the internet has opened up so many possibilities for so many people, like myself, that can’t do the commute or live a continent away! One day hopefully we will all gather in an AtoZ retreat and get to hug each other and share the same geographic space!

  5. Mary

    So powerful and so very needed. Our Earth and connection to the feminine will shift in such amazing ways when great leaders such as yourself lead us to the light!

    • rebalinker Post author

      Aw – that is very kind – I think the power is in us all getting together – really miracles happen when we join our intentions together. I hope you will join us, Mary!

    • rebalinker Post author

      Yes! Jonita – come play with us!!!!

  6. Marquita Herald

    Really beautiful Reba. I can only echo what others have said here about how inspiring you are and what a wonderful process you’re group has undertaken. Thank you for sharing!

    • rebalinker Post author

      Thank you so much, Marquita!

  7. Joyce Hansen

    I so connect with you Reba about traveling around the 5 boroughs. I did it for many years before leaving for the SouthWest. It’s great that there are ways to connect to larger spiritual communities and new friends via the computer. I love to you have shared this exercise with us. It goes to show what beautiful thoughts can come through in a 5-minute request.

    • rebalinker Post author

      So you know! It is so great that there are ways to connect via the computer. It has made so many wonderful things possible – including AtoZ Healing Space! Thank you, Joyce!

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