A ‘Spiritual Swag Bag’ . . .

. . . filled with healing treats from four of our featured healers: Teri Miller, Lea Tran, Jenny Mannion and Kamini Desai. So many workshops and gifts are coming your way – available only to those in the AtoZ community!

Thank you for joining us on this great adventure.

In your Goody Bag…

  • Guided Energy Healing Meditation by Energy Catalyst Jenny Mannion.
  • Taste of Yoga Nidra with Yogeshwari Kamini Desai.
  • ‘Check Your Chakras’ recording with TIME Heals Angelic healer, Teri Miller.
  • Nature Connection exercise with Plant Spirit Medicine Healer Lea Tran.

About AtoZ Healing Space…

Just as an ancient proverb stated that all roads led to Rome, at AtoZ we believe that many different healing modalities can guide us towards our greatest good. Through offering a rich variety of modalities, we are connecting to the Source of that which generates the life we wish to live: a life in service to humanity, even in service to Spirit, if you will.

This is ‘service to humanity’ without giving up the life we are living, and without losing ourselves or giving

up our hopes and dreams. Rather, we are contemporary ‘yogis,’ thriving in a modern world. Through all the activities at AtoZ, we are finding ways to embrace a larger version of ourselves. We are claiming our Divine Birthright.