Self-Love Circle

with Reba Linker

2nd Tuesday of every month, 12noon-1 pm ET

We are calling the circle, invoking the sacred, ancient power of women gathering together. We know that when we gather our energy joins and uplifts us all.

In this circle we use self-love as a key to release all that which may be holding us back. Why is this important? It is important because releasing what is holding us back is the only way forward. It opens the door to our brightest and most joyous future and our glorious, magical, fullest potential.

Self-love embraces every part of our being, from the way we speak of and to ourselves and others, to the way we are in relation to our bodies, our desires, the others in our lives, and everything around us. It comes down to loving our way back to wholeness, to loving the inner child who has erroneously picked up the message that he or she is not ‘enough’ or is ‘too much’ or is in some way unworthy.

Together, we are finding our way back to our natural state of joy. We are rediscovering that we are not only deserving, we are radiant beings, perfect, worthy and whole.

We are calling the circle for all those who wish to find their inner power and beauty in a safe, non-judgmental, confidential environment, one that values laughter as much as tears, challenges as well as victories. Join us as we let our hair down, lift our voices, free our imaginations and stretch our bodies. We’ll drum rhythms and sing songs. We’ll write and draw and share and hold space for each other.

We are blessed to know that we each have our place in the circle. Yet we also know that we do not have to carry it alone. In circle the two ends meet: we are unique and we are one.

Reba Linker is a healer, teacher, and author of the Kindle bestseller, Imagine Self-Love. She is the Founder of AtoZ Healing Space and hosts the Youtube interview show, Paint Yourself Into the Picture. Her work centers on the idea that healing is always possible, and change can happen easily and quickly. Reba studied with a spiritual teacher for many years and is certified in TIME Heals, Universal Sphere and ZPoint Process.


“My heart and soul and being has been lifted by participating in you Self Love Circle. I didn’t know I needed it to lift me as it did. Thank you Reba Linker for bringing together the souls that delight in unity… Blessings to you. Love you Sister.” – Laura 

Self-Love Circle With Reba Linker

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