Circle Space The Feminine Divine

Women’s Circle with Laura Tria

3rd Tuesday of every month, 6am-7am ET


Start your day in holy Circle.


Choose a pillow or chair in your sacred space and center yourself around candle light to honor the basic Elements of Life (Air, Earth, Sun and Sea) as we also honor Our Selves. With the lights low, we step out of our mundane world to recoup and restore our Spirits.

Meditations, Chanting and Drumming, Spiritual Exercises and Sacred Conversation follow the Seasons of our lives as we explore the Feminine Side to Spirituality. We use ancient as well as modern knowledge to bring us out of our daily practices and bring us into Balance.












Laura Tria is an InterFaith Minister and Priestess, Living and Teaching Life in Balance: Mind Body Spirit. Laura was Ordained at All Faith Seminary in 2000. She is a Life Coach, Spiritual Counselor and Master Reiki Healer. Her book, “HerStory, A Feminine Interpretation of Ancient Knowledge.” Laura trains and ordains those that have a ‘calling to serve’. She is a Visionary who believes knowing our spiritual past will ground us and help us build a brighter future.


The Feminine Divine Circle with Laura Tria

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