Art Spirit Circle

with Kassi Gregory

3rd Monday of every month, 8-9pm, ET


A spiritual art practice.


Explore aspects of self and spirit through art in a safe community. This practice allows space to forgive and release the past, discover something new, and embrace all aspects of the self.

  • release judgment and allow discovery
  • trust the process of emotional thinking and quiet the inner critic
  • listen to instinct and intuition and allow our guides and higher self to communicate with us
  • enjoy the creative process and invite art to speak to you and offer its messages

No art experience necessary. All welcome. Bring a sense of adventure and your favorite art accessories (paper, pencils, pens, markers, paints, etc.).

Kassi Gregory is an Intuitive Artist, Spirit Walker and Teacher. Kassi studied traditional Fine Arts, Graphic Art and animation. As a child she could draw in perfect proportion and form, even before she could talk, and she has long been able to move between the spirit and the mortal worlds.


Art Spirit Circle with Kassi Gregory

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We look forward to being in circle with you.


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