What is the path from A to Z?

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What is the path from A to Z?

At first glance AtoZ Healing Space may seem like a ‘puzzlement.’ What, you may wonder, are all these wonderful yet seemingly disparate activities doing under one roof? Is there some connection or are they a random collection of events?

Allow me to illuminate the path from A to Z, for there is a connection between all the circles and workshops. There are, indeed, good reasons to proceed from step A to step B, and so on, all the way through Z.


Let’s start at the top of the month.

PATH FROM A TO ZOur month at AtoZ opens with the Full Moon Distance Healing with Jenny Mannion. Like the moon itself, this new beginning cycles around every month.

The new moon is like the New Year, writ small. Every month at AtoZ Healing Space, Jenny offers us a new opportunity to infuse our hopes and dreams with renewed, heightened vibrations that ride the wave of the full moon energy. What a powerful beginning. It’s a perfect time to set our intentions and ask for healing for any existing imbalances. In this moment we are invited to start fresh and energized at the start of each new month.

Jenny’s Distance Healing is the only AtoZ Healing Space activity whose date and time shifts from month to month. We do this to honor and utilize the actual full moon energy.

Like the seed of the new beginning that it represents, we do this activity cocooned in the privacy of our own spaces. We are like seeds still in our hull, geminating into flower, drawing nourishment through the ether at the appointed time.


Also in the first week…

PATH FROM A TO ZWe are pleased to welcome Oracle Reader Frances Hoggarth to AtoZ’s illustrious band of Circle Leaders. Her Tarot Reading Circle, Tarot Tree Cafe, is intentionally placed at the top of the month to provide focus for the weeks ahead. Offered with warmth, wit and wisdom, Frances’s readings will contain hints and clues on how to gracefully prepare for the twists and turns of the road ahead.


Travelling the path from A to Z…

Ask any manifesting master. It is not always enough to simply intend something. Sometimes a bit of action is required. As we would say in my hometown of New York City, we’ve got to get up off our buns (that wouldn’t always be the word of choice!) and do something.


But what should we do next?

We’ve tapped into our dreams, hopes and desires with Jenny. Frances’s reading has given us guidance for what lies ahead. Now, ought we work, work, work and push, push, push to make those dreams come true? Isn’t that precisely the approach that led us to burnout, dissatisfaction and dis-ease in the past?

PATH FROM A TO ZMany of us have come to realize that if we wish to create real change in our lives, then we must experiment with new ways of doing things. Enter Jonita D’souza’s Feminine Divine Lifestyle Circle. Jonita is at AtoZ to help us find the answers within the feminine lifestyle.

Her circle addresses the questions:

  • What is the divine feminine approach to life?
  • How does it differ from the masculine approach?
  • How can the divine feminine lifestyle be integrated into our current lifestyle?
  • What does the divine feminine have to offer to our health, growth and well-being?

In Jonita’s circle, we learn new/ancient ways of being and doing. They help us experience life in a new way and that helps us create the new results we desire.


In the 2nd week…

PATH FROM A TO ZWe sit in circle to explore the theme of self-love with me, Reba Linker. We explore self-love as it relates to the body, to our language with others and self, to our rights as human beings, and to our deepest inner beliefs.

In this circle, we work on uprooting some of the limiting beliefs that are the natural consequence of growing up on our planet. Call us inner voyagers! We courageously release our tethers to limiting beliefs and constricting cultural demands as we travel in search of expansive and abundant new worlds of truth, love and beauty within!


In the 3rd week of the month at AtoZ…

PATH FROM A TO ZThe 3rd week opens with Kassi Gregory’s Art Spirit Circle. In the previous week, we learned that deepening self-love means deepening knowledge, trust, and acceptance of the self. Kassi’s intuitive art workshop is one of the best hands on ways to continue that exploration of the self.

In Kassi’s circle, we access deeper self-knowledge through art. Through fun art exercises (no experience needed) we learn to access and interpret our own ‘hidden truths.’ We also learn to receive messages from our guides and spirit animals as we travel the path of greater self-knowledge and greater comfort in our own skin. On this sacred journey, Kassi’s compassionate heart is a blessing. She has an uncanny ability to help us interpret the messages in our own art, even if we think it’s just meaningless scribbles.

Moving on to week 4, walking the path from A to Z…

PATH FROM A TO ZNow, we reserve a sacred hour out of our busy lives to experience our feminine power with Laura Tria’s The Feminine Divine Circle. This is an important re-grouping and soul nourishment as we move towards the mid-point of the month.

We source our connection to earth, air, fire and water. We name our blessings and concerns and we bless those we love and care for. We take a moment in the thick of the month to reconnect with our innate power and joy. We tap back into the communal ritual experience and draw energy to close the month and begin anew in a heart-ful, empowered way.


Is life really a cycle?

Indeed, it sometimes feels that we are revisiting past experiences over and over. Sometimes it may even feel like our life is like a broken record, stuck in a repeating groove!


The truth, as I learned it from my spiritual teacher, Shanta, is that life is a spiral.

Imagine a clock face lying horizontally. Yes, we do periodically cycle past each number as we move around the face of the clock. However, each time we circle round we are at a slightly higher level than the previous circuit.


So it is at AtoZ.

We circle through the activities each week brings. The AtoZ Circle activities guide us in a meaningful arc.

Every time we pass over a particular number – or life challenge – we spiral up. We move through life with greater strength, wisdom and experience.

Consider participating as a Premium Unlimited Member at AtoZ – where you can avail yourself of ALL the circles and workshops. Take on the whole beautiful experience of the path from A to Z. Gain the support and inspiration you need to consciously move and grow through the cycle of weeks and months.

You will see the angle of your spiral increase dramatically. All the activities, taken together as a whole, will help you rise above the challenging experiences that may have previously pulled you into a rut. You will find that you can rise to new heights of joy and wisdom.

Join us as, together, we set our intentions early in the month and receive tools for the period ahead. Grow with us as our intentions are supported by new tools in the second week. Find grounding and support through community and ritual as we enter the mid-month. Dig into greater self-knowledge through focused exploration. Finally, bring the month to a close together with us with a women’s circle that is both grounding and uplifting.


The combined activities at AtoZ allow us to accelerate our growth and attain greater heights as we travel the cycle of weeks and months.

We empower ourselves by consciously walking the path from A to Z throughout the month. Rather than allowing time to slip by unnoticed, we consciously use a sequence of activities to grow in spirit and accomplishment.

I hope this has shed some light on the path we walk from A to Z at AtoZ Healing Space.


It is the beautiful path of your own spiritual growth.

Discover this path of friendship and community, support and inspiration.

It is calling to you to begin your journey.



This post was contributed by Reba Linker.

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28 thoughts on “What is the path from A to Z?

    • rebalinker Post author

      Thank you, Andrea. I love the amazing healers that have come on board – they are so gifted, passionate, committed and just plain awesome to work with. They are the foundation of AtoZ and I am so grateful to them all.

  1. Candess M Campbell

    When I was a young girl I often felt isolated in my family. There was always something more I was needing, but didn’t have a clue what it was. Later as an adult woman I made spiritual connections that were enlightening and cosmically manifested. ATOZ Healing Space as outlined in this blog is an incredible place for those who are isolated to rest their weary and depleted selves. The nurturing and love that emanates from what you offer to women is amazing. I have been working with Goddess energy for close to 30 years and the feminine is returning to balance the planet. Love it!

    • rebalinker Post author

      Thank you, Candess. Yes, AtoZ is becoming a place of rest, love, healing and connection for so many. And I see also how the Divine Feminine energy is such a huge part of the offerings at AtoZ. Beautiful. I am humbled and honored to be involved!

  2. Hedy MacDonald

    These circles sound wonderful. What a beautiful offering to help people bring more sacredness and mindfulness into their lives.

    • rebalinker Post author

      Thank you, Hedy. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to share more about what AtoZ is all about and I am thrilled that it resonated with you. That’s what it’s really all about – connecting and creating a positive community.

    • rebalinker Post author

      Thank you, Barb! I really appreciate your support and appreciation.

  3. Tamuria

    I love the idea of the spiral, where we go a little higher each time we complete a cycle. You have so many talented and knowledgeable people working towards making AtoZ a wonderful healing space filled with love.

    • rebalinker Post author

      Thank you, Tamuria. “a wonderful healing space filled with love.” That is the goal and the guiding principle. Thank you for putting it into words!

  4. Beverley Golden

    What a lovely and diverse selection of healing opportunities you are featuring this month at AtoZ. I love the name of your initiative, by the way, as I have been a person much of my life who has attempted to get from A to Z, as quickly as possible once I knew where I wanted to go. Sometimes we need all the ‘letters’ in-between to fully experience the journey though. xo Enjoy your month and I know you’ll attract the perfect people for each session.

    • rebalinker Post author

      Thank you, Beverley, for your kind words and your tremendous support of AtoZ. You are such a valuable part of this community by your participation in the launch. xo P.S. – I am really glad you connect with the name!

  5. Cathy Sykora

    What a great group! It looks like you have something for everyone and promise to enjoy spiritual growth all the way around. Congratulations.

    • rebalinker Post author

      Thank you, Cathy. It is a great group and I am so proud of them and proud to be part of it.

  6. Alene A Geed

    this is a very powerful program indeed. I love the concept of spiraling upward and towards a higher level each time one participates in AtoZ

    • rebalinker Post author

      Thanks, Alene. I also find the spiral idea quite powerful and healing. It tells us that we are not in a rut (and what despair there is in that concept!) and instead are simply revisiting a particular lesson to refine the nuances we may have missed the other times around. Isn’t it lovely, too, to be able to speed that process!?

  7. Tandy Elisala

    Wow, you’ve got quite the experts here, Reba. THIS stuck out for me… Ask any manifesting master. It is not always enough to simply intend something. Sometimes a bit of action is required. I agree 100%. Asking and setting the intention is one thing but we MUST take action. We can’t just sit on the couch and wait for something to come to us. I think there is a lot of aspects to the Law of Attraction! I look forward to reading other episodes of the AtoZ healing!

    • rebalinker Post author

      Wonderful, Tandy. I will keep you posted and I love having your voice and wisdom be part of the conversation. xo

  8. Rachel Lavern

    All the best re your event Reba. In manifesting I work to use my imagination for positive thinking, imagining how good, how energizing and how empowering it feels when I take action towards my intention!

    • rebalinker Post author

      Thanks, Rachel. Yes, absolutely, that excitement and positive thought is a huge part of it, and actually is an action in and of itself!

  9. Joyce Hansen

    For so long, Reba, women did not have an accepting spiritual platform where they could come together. Congratulations on your commitment to making this happen. Looking back from where you started to where you have arrived today must be a beautiful path of awe and wonder. May A to Z Healing Space lead to moving into new dimensions.

    • rebalinker Post author

      What a beautiful thing to write, Joyce. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

  10. Teresa Salhi

    Hi Reba, such a great list of resourceful and talented women – a couple I have even collaborated with too. As a certified law of attraction trainer and mentor for women to embrace their feminine wisdom – I just know this will be a powerful month of transformational circles.

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