Let It Go! Release-Healing Circle with Teri Angel

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“Nature abhors a vacuum,” my beloved teacher, Shanta, used to say.

Empty space creates an opening to invite in something new. It works in clutter clearing, in Feng Shui, in manifesting, and in every aspect of our lives.

Nature abhors a vacuum.

And that’s just what we want – to create a vacuum, an opening, an invitation into which to draw all the wonderful new things into our lives!

So how do we create space for something new in our lives? We must release something old.

This might just be the most important thing we ever do. After all, that ‘new’ thing we wish to bring into our lives might just be our dearest, deepest desires: happiness, a relationship, meaningful work, peace, vibrant health, joy.

In order to open to those longed-for qualities and experiences, then we must make space for them by releasing all that is NOT them, and all that is in conflict with them. After all, we can’t remain uncomfortable and have vibrant health at the same time. Nor can we believe in poverty and lack and also experience endless, joyful abundance.

We must choose that which we wish to keep, release that which no longer serves, and invite in that which we desire.

Join AtoZ Healing Space for a new Release-Healing Circle with Teri Angel on the 4th Monday of every month, @ 11 am EST.


The intention of the Release-Healing Circle is to release all blocks which hold you back from being the best you that you can be utilizing the Ho’oponopono method. After the release happens, which you will be guided through, Archangel Michael will cut the cords and Archangel Raphael will conduct a complete healing of the area where the release happened in your etheric body.

Let It Go!

Join our new Release-Healing Circle and let’s all let it go together.

Who is this Release-Healing Circle for?

  • It’s for people at every level and stage of their life journey.
  • It’s for those who have spent years doing deep inner work. Why not experience the joy of releasing together with a group of like-minded souls. Why not pick up a new nuance or technique shared by the masterful Teri Angel?
  • It’s for those who are just entering the area of personal development. Maybe you’ve become aware that the results you dream of are not following from your efforts. Perhaps you’ve begun to sense that there is something – perhaps just under the surface – that needs to be released in order to move forward.
  • And it’s for those who know what is needed and are familiar with the concepts, yet could use the support of the group. It can be a joyful experience to just ‘let it go,’ especially when we do it as a group.
  • The power of the group will amplify and support each of our efforts. So this is, first and foremost, for those who want to ‘get ‘er done!’ This is for people who want to raise their vibration, make the progress they dream of, and reach their optimal life potential.

What wonders will you create when you release whatever may be holding you back?

It’s no secret and no shame that we all have our ‘stuff,’ our baggage, our secrets. Let’s stop carrying them around. Let’s stop living a life burdened and confined by their weight. Let’s all just LET IT GO!

Get inspired – enjoy Idina Menzel’s rendition from the movie, Frozen . . .

NEW: in response to your feedback, we are recording our monthly circles. That means that you can listen to that month’s replay ALL MONTH LONG in the private Bulletin Board exclusively for members of that group.

SPECIAL: Join the Release Healing Circle with Teri Angel for only $2. Click here to join now. We meet on Monday, January 22 at 11am-12noon, EST. 

About Teri Angel:

Release-Healing CircleTeri Angel is the founder of TIME Heals, an energy healing modality where a collective of spirit guides and angels clear and balance the energy in each of the main chakras. Teri is also a Certified Happiness Coach and spiritual mentor, guiding you through the process of peeling away layers to uncover the happiness and joy inside. One of the methods used is called Release© where you learn to let go of what is holding you back from your prosperity and happiness. Teri is an author and motivational speaker, presenting workshops and holding retreats throughout the US.


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22 thoughts on “Let It Go! Release-Healing Circle with Teri Angel

  1. Beverley Golden Reply

    Love the theme of “Let It Go”, Reba! The only way new things can show up in our lives, is if we make room for them and that means letting go of things that no longer serve us! May 2018 be a year when more people Let Go to Let Come. xo

    • rebalinker Post authorReply

      Amen to that, Beverley. I believe this year is a biggie for just that. Let’s compare notes at year’s end! xo!

  2. Suzie Cheel Reply

    Love this exactly what i am doing this Jan- have a full release sheet to check off as i go. Amazing what we have that is both of value , and that which is totally useless that we hold onto. Here is to a fully releasing year in 2018 xx00

    • rebalinker Post authorReply

      Yes! And amen! A big releasing year ahead – I feel it, too. I know Teri’s process is going to help so much with this intention! Thanks, Suzie!

  3. Vatsala Shukla Reply

    Your teacher Shanta’s advice is very true, Reba. It’s also the same thing that my Mother told me years ago when she suddenly found herself dropped from a circle of so-called friends after my father’s death. Apparently her utility value had gone down!

    Of course as her daughter I was disappointed with these ladies but the truth is, my Mom went on to a new innings in life, won international awards for her art and a lot more. The best part, the vacuum created by her old friends was filled with better people who value her as a person and friend.

    • rebalinker Post authorReply

      What a brilliant example, Vatsala. Also such a good example of how something that appears dreadful on the surface can really be a gift in disguise, which leads to the further lesson that we can trust that all is well, even when all appearances are to the contrary. I hope you’ll share some of your Mom’s artwork in our AtoZ online members forum or in our other FB group.

  4. Leila Reply

    I love the song let it go😊
    Beautiful article there.
    Letting go can be very hard especially when we are attached to the old.

    • rebalinker Post authorReply

      Thanks, Leila. Yes, there is a skill to letting go – that’s why we are joining together to create a space of fun, support and insight to help us all do this important step in achieving our dreams! I hope you’ll join us!

  5. Debra Reble Reply

    Lovely post Reba and right I alignment with what I’ve been doing since December especially around that new moon, winter solstice and the new year. I have let go of karmic contracts and deep fear-based patterns as well. We have to let go to create space and that has always motivated me to go deep and let go when it gets really uncomfortable. xo

    • rebalinker Post authorReply

      I know you know, Debra! You are a beautiful warrior and leader in the deep dive of letting go! I hope you will come join us as we lovingly, joyfully, release what does not serve – not that you need to know how, but for the joy of joining with other like-minded souls on this journey of joy and love!

  6. Kelley Grimes Reply

    I have been letting go of a lot of clutter both internal and external recently which feels so liberating. I so resonate with the idea that we let go, “to create a vacuum, an opening, an invitation into which to draw all the wonderful new things into our lives!” I look forward to receiving the invitation for more creativity in my life! Thank you Reba!

    • rebalinker Post authorReply

      Thank you, dear Kelley! I find it so magical that so many of us are on the same wavelength, busy doing similar work, and truly reaching for the stars! How wonderful. It would be such an honor if you would join us and bring your beautiful energy to Circle – not that you need to know how, but for the joy of joining with other like-minded souls on this journey of joy and love!

  7. Rachel Reply

    I agree all heartedly, to make room for the new we need to release something old. Thank you for supporting women to live a powerful and healed life.

    • rebalinker Post authorReply

      It’s so simple, but not always easy. You’re welcome, and thank you as well, for sharing in this same work of supporting others to live a powerful and healed life.

  8. Barb Parcells Reply

    I’ve been clutter clearing inside and out for the past few years and discovered that you always have to go back and check in case something snuck back in. At least it keeps us on our toes and involved!

    • rebalinker Post authorReply

      Yes, Barb, definitely not a “one and done” type of endeavor! I always picture Mickey Mouse chasing the broom, just trying to keep up. Stuff comes in on the tide, doesn’t it!?

  9. Jill K Celeste Reply

    My 2018 word is “release” – so I am a big proponent of letting go. This weekend, I released three bags of clothes to a local charity. It felt great. Ready to see what the Universe brings me next. =)

    • rebalinker Post authorReply

      Awesome, Jill! I can feel how it has become an exciting adventure for you – and that is wonderful!

  10. Heather Maria Reply

    My wish this year for the world is to let go of the old way of thinking many people still have. While it warms my heart to see so many shift out of it I think it’s important to live from our pure hearts and start using our powerful minds in the correct way allowing all the beauty of life to come in with great abundance.
    Thank you for sharing this post. It’s powerful when people come together.

  11. Teresa Salhi Reply

    I too have heard the wise words that you heard from Shanta. I have to admit, I got the vacuum medifore all twisted in my mind at first-just like ‘let go, let God. . 🙃 But you can feel when their is truth in a message and after a bit of working through it, I purged and opened the space to receive so much in return.

  12. Claudette Reply

    I love the concept of letting go in order to bring in something better. When my husband and I decided to downsize from a four thousand square feet home and live in our RV for 18 months, it required a hard look at what we were keeping and why.
    We gave ourselves a timeline of 9 months (like birthing a baby). It was the best thing we’ve ever done.
    We now have a new house, and watch what we put into it. If it’s not a WOW, then we don’t get it.
    Good luck with your program.

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