2 Friends 2 Paths – What Made the Difference?

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Two young women graduated from college. Both were on fire to change the world in the field of holistic health.

Each was intelligent and personable. Each was full of passion to share her gifts to help humanity, and in the process, to create a rewarding and meaningful life for herself.

20 years later, they met at their college reunion.

Both were happily married with 2 children. Both were still intelligent and personable.

One held a mid-level job assisting at a local medical office. The other was now the leader of a multi-million dollar personal growth business that positively impacted thousands of lives. She was a renowned speaker, and her speaking engagements and workshops brought her, often with her family, to various beautiful locations where her message reached a still greater audience. These trips helped increase her business further, bringing her new clients and opportunities, and satisfying her and her family’s need for connection, meaning and a rewarding life.

Through the years, both women had dealt with the loss of a parent, some health issues, and the daily big and small challenges that life sometimes throws our way.

So what made the difference?

The first woman was convinced that she had to go it alone. She was, after all, a strong and capable woman. Yet some challenges managed to throw her off balance, as they sometimes will in anyone’s life. Rather than ask for help or seek the support she needed, this woman would withdraw. Springing back began to take more and more effort and more and more time. Somewhere along the line, after one too many challenges, she began to think that maybe her big dreams of making a difference in the world just weren’t meant to be.

The other woman knew that her success would ‘take a village.’ She realized that she deserved support. She knew that, even though she was very capable, there would always be areas where she could benefit from others’ expertise and wisdom.

She had the self-love to know that she did not need to be superhuman. She did not have to do it all herself. She could claim the support she needed in order to be her best.

The support that she structured into her life became her super power.

It meant that when she faced life’s inevitable challenges, she had the resources around her to help her move past each challenge with ease and grace. She had the insight she needed to see from a different perspective, and this helped her business and relationships thrive.

I know the tremendous, breakthrough power of asking for and receiving support in times of need. It’s never too late. It is always YOUR CHOICE to reach out, starting now, and receive the support you deserve.

Which of these young women are you?

Which of these young women will you be going forward?

At AtoZ Healing Space we are dedicated to providing exactly that kind of support – the support you need in order to be your best self, to . . .

  • move beyond what you’ve done so far
  • step into your best life – the life you only dare to dream is possible
  • process life’s challenges more swiftly and easily so they don’t bog you down or stop you in your tracks
  • release the stuff that’s been holding you back
  • be inspired by the energy, love, support and wisdom that will open new doors

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Access the replay now

When you join now for only $2 you immediately gain access to the replay of the February Self-Love Circle. This month we explored the theme of CHOICE. This includes how to . . .

  • make self-loving choices
  • know and trust your choices
  • choose between ‘too many’ ideas and projects to handle
  • move most effectively towards your goal
  • accomplish a big goal in a self-loving way

Gain invaluable tools to help you move forward with Grace and Ease. 

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You don’t have to go it alone. You don’t have to try to be a superhero. Having the support you deserve will make all the difference if you . . .

  • dream of making a greater contribution.
  • want to move beyond the bumps in the road that seem to keep you from moving forward.
  • are ready to receive the gifts that are waiting for you.
  • want to claim the support you deserve…

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Abundant blessings, Reba

Beloveds, we welcome you with open arms.

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30 thoughts on “2 Friends 2 Paths – What Made the Difference?

  1. Lore Raymond Reply

    Appreciating the story of two women in college. I’m headed back to Judson College, a woman’s college founded in 1836 this April, so your word wisdom was very timely, Reba. Many thanks for the loving ways you include and invite people to heal. You are appreciated!

  2. Barb Parcells Reply

    Learning how to ask for help has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, and it’s still a challenge, but I think (I hope) I’m getting better at it.

    • rebalinker Post authorReply

      Thanks for sharing, Barb. That is a challenge for me as well. It’s an important challenge to work with for many of us.

    • rebalinker Post authorReply

      Hi Heather, yes, many of us strong, capable women can really see ourselves in this story. It is my profoundest wish that this story helps someone(s) reach out and get the amazing, beautiful support and encouragement that is there for them!

  3. Jackie Harder Reply

    Reba, I absolutely love the story. Yes — we strong, independent women can really damage not just our dreams but our health and relationships by not asking for help when we need it. It is a fact that people with strong support systems live longer and healthier lives. May your self-love program be wildly successful!

    • rebalinker Post authorReply

      Thank you so much, Jackie. I think many of us see ourselves in the description of the two women.

  4. Tamuria Reply

    This was such a clever illustration of the drawbacks of not seeking help, Reba. I used to be the go it alone woman. The years have taught me the importance of asking for and accepting help when I need it. The loving and supportive space you offer is amazing and I am grateful to have connected with you.

    • rebalinker Post authorReply

      Thank you, dear Tamuria, that touches my heart. I am glad you understand the value in what AtoZ is offering. So many of us try to go it alone. Sometimes just the act of asking for help is enough to step into a new level!

  5. Beverley Golden Reply

    Wonderful story and example of the power of community, Reba! As someone who loved to fly solo much of my younger life, (and still do at times), I have learned how important having a supportive community is. Some personality types do well on their own, while some people thrive being part of a community. None of us are an island and finding the tribe or community works for us, is everything!

    • rebalinker Post authorReply

      Beautiful point, Beverley. We are all unique and perhaps thrive in different types of soil. You make a very important point about finding the right place to thrive. What I really love a bout AtoZ, and about Circles in general, is that they provide a place specifically for the purpose of holding space for support and growth. Often our busy lives simply can’t provide the optimal support we can each use in our lives.

  6. Tandy Elisala Reply

    This is such a lovely story that demonstrates the power of being in alignment and rallying a support system. Like you, I believe everyone has CHOICES. Staying in choice is an important way to stay empowered. As a family caregiver coach, I often hear that people don’t have strong support systems. Self-worth, communication skills, critical thinking, self-care have a lot to do with this. Such a powerful way to communicate what happens when we truly embrace the “it takes a village” approach to life.

    • rebalinker Post authorReply

      Beautifully put, Tandy: “Staying in choice is an important way to stay empowered.” I am so proud to be – along with you – part of the movement offering new, more supportive choices for those who wish to make a bigger contribution to our world and to their own growth and fulfillment. Thanks, Tandy, for your comment and for the beautiful work you do in supporting others.

  7. Teresa Salhi Reply

    The story really does demonstrate the power of support and the limiting power of trying to do it all alone. Unfortunately, it s something that we are learning and moving forward, step by step. We no longer have or need to be superwomen. It is not in our nature, we are, in most cases, naturally connection oriented. In various ways, society has taught us that we must do more to have more. It has backfired. The good news is, we are also getting wiser and It is changing. This is a great example of the work we are meant to stand for – supporting our sisters and allowing ourselves to be supported too.

    • rebalinker Post authorReply

      Wow – you put that so powerfully, Teresa: “We no longer have or need to be superwomen. It is not in our nature, we are, in most cases, naturally connection oriented.” I agree. We women have moved a ways way from our true natures, to adapt a more masculine paradigm and way of being, and it has, indeed, backfired in many ways, which is quite evident in our health (notice the abundance of women’s health issues?), stress, and satisfaction. I’m so proud to be part of the shift back to a more mutually supportive model. Thanks for being part of this, Teresa.

  8. Teri Miller (Angel) Reply

    Beautifully said, as always, my darling friend! This is so much confirmation for me on my own journey and I want you to know how much I adore and appreciate you!

    • rebalinker Post authorReply

      And I feel the same way about you, dear Teri! What an honor and a privilege to be collaborating with you at AtoZ Healing Space. I’m glad this story gave you some confirmation! xo

  9. Tarah Reply

    Beautiful post! I also had a hard time asking for help, but community and collaboration are so important to support one another:) Thank you for sharing this!

    • rebalinker Post authorReply

      Yes, isn’t community so beautiful, Tarah? Like you, I had a hard time asking for help (still do, if I’m totally honest) so it always feels so amazing when I ask and help is given. Amazing grace via human hands. Thank you for joining the conversation.

  10. Miche Meizner Reply

    Yes, as a mostly self-taught custom jeweler I spent many years going it alone ( and with my life/business partner). There are so many aspects in running your own business of whatever sort that if you don’t have a village you’ve got to parcel yourself out and try to be your own village. That’s exhausting. Friends, colleagues, collaborators, inspirers, fairy godmothers and wizard geeks are just some of the people I am grateful to have in my village now as I grow my spoonbending teaching and healing practice . For me, there’s a village within a village feeling – my closer circle, personal contact village and then a wider swath of people and resources, mentorship, modeling, love and support to tap into. When we come together in community we connect our villages. For me, I say loving ourselves unleashes our superpowers. Coming together in wisdom and support provides the fuel and guidance assistance. Thanks for what you have created.

    • rebalinker Post authorReply

      Hi Miche, thanks so much. I totally connect with your saying – “loving ourselves unleashes our superpowers.” It really does! It’s another one of those ‘simple but not always easy’ pearls of wisdom. Its simplicity belies both its challenge and the profound depths of the rewards. It’s wonderful that you’ve found your village, and your village within a village. It’s like a Russian doll, isn’t it, and the small, tiny doll at the center is the village of self-love.

  11. Julia Reply

    I really love the insight and wisdom you share through this story Reba. Especially: “She (had the self-love to realize she) could claim the support she needed in order to be her best. (That) support …became her super power.” I am definitely going to say “Yes” to claiming more of that super power in my life ^=^

    • rebalinker Post authorReply

      woo hoo, Julia! It is a super power to open to all the love and support that is there for us. How wonderful!

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