Rev. Laura Tria in Circle.


Our monthly circles carry us in harmonious flow through the month. To honor that momentum we list them, below, in chronological order.  We meet online, joining hands across continents, as, together, we create a sacred space for Circle in the midst of our busy lives.

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Circle Space activities are also offered on a per activity basis (AtoZ-1 Membership), available directly below each Circle description.



Circle Space Full Moon Distance Healing With Jenny Mannion

1st week of every month, time & date varies month to month

Distance healing works because we are electrical and magnetic beings made of energy and emitting light. You may feel energy, or receive messages, insights or intuitions related to your intentions and focus.  After years of suffering with chronic dis-eases and chronic pain, Jenny Mannion healed herself in 3 weeks. She is the author of “A Short Path to Change:  30 Ways to Transform Your Life. Click here to read more…


Full Moon Distance Healing – $2 for your first month

$18/month thereafter. Cancel anytime.



Circle Space Self-Love Circle with Reba Linker

2nd Tuesday of every month, 12noon-1 pm EST

Self-love has the power to open the door to all that we long for. In this circle we explore ideas and exercises pertaining to self-love in a safe, non-judgmental, confidential environment. With Reba Linker, healer, teacher, and bestselling author of Imagine Self-Love. Click here to read more…


Self Love Circle – $2 for your first month

$18/month thereafter. Cancel anytime.


Circle Space The Feminine Divine Women’s Circle with Laura Tria

Rev. Laura’s Circle is on hiatus in January while we listen to what you wish to see created.

Start your day in holy Circle with Rev. Laura Tria, InterFaith Minister and Priestess. Meditations, Chanting and Drumming, Spiritual Exercises and Sacred Conversation bring us into Balance. Click here to read more…


Feminine Divine Circle – $2 for your first month

$18/month thereafter. Cancel anytime.


Release Healing Circle with Teri Angel

4th Monday of every month, 11am – 12noon, ET

The intention of this healing circle is to release all blocks which hold you back from being the best you that you can be utilizing the Ho’oponopono method. All welcome. With Teri Angel, Certified Happiness Coach, spiritual mentor and Founder of TIME HEALS. Click here to read more…


Release Healing Circle – $2 for your first month

$18/month thereafter. Cancel anytime.

Tarot Circle with Angel Fullerton

4th Thursday of every month, 12noon-1 pm ET

You have questions – the Universe has answers! Join Angel Fullerton each month for ‘Cosmic Coffee Chats’ to get your monthly forecast and your personal questions answered using Oracle and Tarot cards. Click here to read more…

Tarot Circle With Angel Fullerton

$2 for your first month 

 $18/month thereafter. Unsubscribe at any time.