About AtoZ Healing Space

In Service to Humanity

AtoZ Healing Space is a place for a deeper truth to flourish. It is the truth that lies beneath the details of our situations and stories. It is the realization that we are walking a path to greater wisdom, each of us moving through the prism of our experience. Even with all our differences and uniqueness, we are together on this path.

We are One.

Just as an ancient proverb stated that all roads led to Rome, at AtoZ we believe that many different healing modalities can guide us towards our greatest good. Through offering a rich variety of modalities at AtoZ, we are seeking the Source of that which generates the life we wish to live:

A life in service to humanity, even in service to Spirit, if you will.

This is ‘service to humanity’ without giving up the life we are living, without losing ourselves, or our dreams, ambitions, hopes or desires. We are finding ways to embrace a larger version of ourselves, which may or may not include everything we used to be. It is entirely up to us.

We are contemporary ‘yogis,’ thriving in a modern world, meeting via internet.

Our events are led by a select group of world-renowned healers and teachers. Our monthly workshops in the AtoZ Circle Space offer live access to these thought leaders. Follow-up opportunities to continue working and training with them are available through the AtoZ Sanctuary Shop and AtoZ Academy.

Through all the activities at AtoZ, we embrace freedom and love. We are claiming – and helping others to claim – our Divine Birthright of freedom, abundance, power and joy. Welcome!

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Reba Linker

Founder, AtoZ Healing Space, Director AtoZ Academy, Leader, Self-Love Circle

Reba Linker is a bestselling author, talk show host, speaker, teacher, life coach, wife, and mom.

“My journey has led me to know that healing is imminently possible, and joy is always available. The amazing healers at AtoZ help us access that truth.”

Reba’s journey has included building a brick and mortar business (a popular NYC dance studio). She worked for a cross-cultural exchange program, and in non-profit arts management. She exhibited her stone and wood sculptures, and had brief stints at a fast food joint, a flower farm and a pre-school. The last job was offered on a subway platform by a woman she had never met. Life is an adventure! She studied with a spiritual teacher for many years, and is Certified in Universal Sphere®, TIME Heals©, and ZPoint Process.

The idea for AtoZ came as a divine call to action. The message Reba received was to create a healing space where others could explore, connect, find and share their path to inner strength and wellness. We are living that inspiration, come to life!


Angel Fullerton

Director, AtoZ Sanctuary, Leader, Oracle Circle

Angel is an international bestselling author, intuitive coach, business development consultant, oracle reader, dreamweaver. She is a loving wife, and mother of two extraordinary daughters. “It is in the stories we tell about our life, that we will find learning and growth. With this awareness we are able to heal, love fully, and stand in our truth. At AtoZ Healing Space, I envision all who enter receiving the guidance and healing they seek.”

 Angel is a serial entrepreneur, helping to develop and grow new and existing businesses and nonprofit organizations. She is currently working on her B.S. in Business Management and is a Leadership Madison County Alumni. Angel is an EIPPY Award winner through her contribution in “My Big Idea Book”. Regardless of what position she’s in, she has a penchant for creating magical experiences in the most mundane activities.

Jenny Mannion

Director, AtoZ Circle Space, Leader, Distance Healing

Photo: Alissa Christine

After 7 years of chronic illness, Jenny healed herself in 3 short weeks. This was the start of a spiritual journey and a complete life transformation. Her interest in a wide range of healing modalities made her a natural fit to run the AtoZ Circle Space.

She helps others release blocks and restrictions to move onto the next stage of their life with confidence. Her mission is to shout from the rooftops to all who need to hear: “yes — it is possible to heal from these diseases.” Jenny is the author of “A Short Path to Change:  30 Ways to Transform Your Life.”

Jenny leads the monthly ‘Full Moon Distance Healing.’ She led the ‘Catalyzing Energy to Create FAST Change’ workshop in May, 2017, now available in the AtoZ Video Library.


Kassi Gregory

Leader of Art Spirit Circle

Intuitive Artist, Spirit Walker, Teacher. “Creativity and play are the catalysts to reveal our true selves. Once we recognize ourselves in our pictures, we can start to explore and ask that part of ourselves to guide us forward. This experience helps us transcend our earthbound barriers and obstacles.” Kassi has a passion to help others form a spirit connection through their Animal Spirit Guides. The Guides reveal their image through her art. She then transfers their messages to clients by sharing with them how to read and understand this language. As a child Kassi could draw before she could talk. She has studied traditional Fine Arts, Graphic Art and animation. She has long been able to move between the spirit and the mortal worlds, and has found her expression through her art. Her primary language is “Spirit Art”!

Drew Matthews

Leader of Shaman Circle

Drew is a Packakuti Mesa Universal Shaman Initiate who is focused on healing himself and others thus contributing to the awakening and restoration of wholeness to the planet. He assists conscious individuals to discover their soul’s path. He helps clients overcome roadblocks by helping them clear negative energies, emotions, limiting beliefs and programs as they rewire themselves to new vibrations.



Karen Palmer

Leader, Peaceful Parenting Circle

Karen Palmer is the Mindful Media Mom on all social media. She is a Social media expert and an Angelic Marketing  & Social Media Strategist who helps dreamers, visionaries, change agents and peacemakers share their message globally. She is the host of the popular Love in Action TV top channel on periscope. She is Founder of #GlobalkindnessRevolution, #PuppyLoveRevolution and Co-Founder of #GlobalPeaceUnited. She is the Director of Media for Global Peace and Prosperity Initiative, with over 196 live peace summit events on International Day of Peace September 21, 2017. Karen uses fun, easy social media, music, meditation, mindfulness practices, technology and ancient wisdom for the empowerment of people of all ages. She works with many organizations to help make our world a more joyful, kind and loving place.

Linda Sechrist, Board of Advisors

As senior staff writer and member of the Natural Awakenings national editorial team, Linda Sechrist considers her 13-year career with the magazine as a rare opportunity to pursue her passion for educating readers on health, wellness and raising consciousness. “I’ve been graced with an avocation where my gifts and talents are in perfect alignment with my life’s purpose. No journalist with an insatiable sense of curiosity could ask for more,” says Sechrist, who is a trained facilitator for Integrative Amrit Method of Yoga Nidra. “I used this dynamically effective method of meditation for six years before being formally trained by Kamini Desai. I know how it can change lives. It changed mine.”


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